Tuesday, October 06, 2009

{TWD} Split Level Pudding

Thanks to Garrett at Flavor of Vanilla for this weeks tasty pick. I have never made pudding from scratch before so I was a little nervous. I had two sweet kiddos wanting to help which was good since there were 2 levels to make.
Little Man helped with level one. mmmm Chocolate Ganache. I heated the milk in the microwave and let him poor it over the Ghirardelli chocolate chips. We watched it for 30 seconds and then he stirred with all of his might. He helped me count out the 6 custard cups and helped me count as I spooned the ganache into each cup.

Munchkin came in and helped me with the more difficult layer..you know, since she is older and all. She is great at reading directions and helped me keep my place. I did make the heinous mistake of trying to make this in the blender because I was feeling lazy and didn't want to dig my food processor out. Of course this cause more dishes when I realized the food processor was supposed to be running while we poured the hot milk in. Have you ever tried to do that in a blender? Not pretty. I made the cinnamon version for the top layer because I thought maybe, just maybe I could get the hubs to try a bite.

As an aside, when this recipe came up I thought to myself "self, how are you going to get your husband to eat this when you know his reaction will be.."pudding? ugh!"...maybe you can make the cinnamon kind so he will eat it."

Munchkin and I finished the top layer and poured in the custard cups on top of the ganache. She was super excited because in the directions it says that the chocolate layer will be a surprise if it doesn't come to the top. She was so happy that the chocolate layer didn't show and that it would be a surprise for everyone. We covered the cups with plastic wrap and tucked them away in the fridge for later. After about 3 hours I took one out to check it and the top layer was kind of runny. I asked my hubby if he would like to try some and his reaction was "Pudding, ugh!" My mom and I each unwrapped one and decided they needed to go back in the fridge.

Yesterday morning guess what my kids had for breakfast. If you guessed split level pudding you would be correct! :) They loved it. I am yet to try it as we were at a birthday party last night and the picture I took of it is the worst one yet for a post. So. I will leave you with pictures of my cute kids eating the split level pudding. Ok, I changed my mind. Here is a horrible picture of the pudding. If it offends please avert your eyes....


  1. It's so funny how some people just don't like certain foods! I'm with your kids on the pudding for breakfast team though- yum!

  2. Great looking pudding. Your kids are very cute. Im glad veryone enjoyed it and you got to make your first homemade pudding!

  3. Lovely story! What would we do without our helpers?
    Your pudding looks delicious.

  4. How great to have helpers! I'm sorry the hubs didn't want any, but pudding for breakfast...I think you're on to something!

  5. I had some for breakfast, too! Next time I'll eat it warm; fantastic on a wet, cold day like today.

  6. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Glad to know it was a success and that you had helpers!

  7. Excellent helpers! Glad that this recipe was a hit. Everyone but me liked it at my house.

  8. You have cute little helpers. And how fun that they even enjoyed it for breakfast. Looks delicious!