Sunday, October 25, 2009

She's a winner folks! :)

A couple of weeks ago we went to Pumpkin Hill Pumpkin patch with our friends the Jackson's. After a fun hayride and finding the perfect pumpkins we were directed toward a giant pumpkin that could be won with the right guess of the weight. Munchkin REALLY wanted to guess. So, for the low low price of $1 she got 3 guesses. Tonight I got a call from the owner asking for her. It would have weirded me out a little since it was a man calling but he was calling from Pumpkin Hill so I guessed she had won. I gave her the phone and told her to say hello. All of a sudden she put her hand over her mouth and her eyes got as big a saucers and she didn't say a word. I prompted her to say thank you and took the phone back. She is so excited and so are we! I can't wait for Bobby and the kids to pick up the pumpkin so I can get some pictures of it!


  1. How much did it weigh? I don't even remember seeing it. She must have guessed after I went to the car. Go Munchkin!

  2. I suppose you'll tell us when you get the pictures of it! Go Munchkin!