Friday, October 02, 2009

Pain in the you know where!

The ol backside is still hurting so I thought I really should go to the doctor. I took my whole laundry list of ailments with me to the appointment hoping the Dr wouldn't be too annoyed. This is a new place to me so I asked if they were pretty on time. Of course they said yes. I got there 15 minutes before my appointment so I could fill out all of the required forms and then I waited, and waited, and waited. 15 minutes after my appointment time I was finally asked to go in a face the dreaded scale. Ummm, they didn't let me take my shoes or my sweater off! Oh the horror!

I finally was put in a room so I could wait some more. So much for Hippa. The walls were paper thin and I could hear the woman's diagnosis in the next room. Finally an hour after I was supposed to be seen the doctor came in. She was super perky and very nice. I told her I had a laundry list and when I was done she said it wasn't so bad..there are people that come in with much worse lists than mine. She looked at my wrist and said if it swelled up again she would drain it and I have a ganglion cyst. I need to get a brace for Carpal Tunnel because it is not very bad yet. She thought my symptoms sounded like I might be hypoglycemic so she had me get blood drawn and I had to have an X-ray for the tailbone.

Once I left her office I sat and waited awhile longer for the girl doing her homework to take a break so she could take my blood. Then the guy that does X-rays called me in. He took the X-rays and they came out too light so he took them again. They were still too light so they referred me to another place that does X-rays that I couldn't go to today because I had already been away from work for 2 hours and had to get back.

The Dr prescribed some medicine and sent me on my way. I guess I will hear back next week sometime and I will go Monday to get another X-ray. Ugh...what a pain. At least the Dr was nice.

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