Thursday, October 15, 2009

My hand looks like a sharks fin!

Did you ever see that awesome movie Deep Blue Sea? We have some friends that used to say the line "My hand looks like a sharks fin" from the L.L. Cool J song "Deepest Blue" all.the.time. It never failed to get a laugh. That is what came to mind tonight as I was checking out my little guys teeth.

He has a big tooth coming in behind one of his baby teeth. A favorite game on the kindergarten playground is Shark. One kid is the shark and chases the other kids. From what I can gather I think it is like tag and the first person tagged is then the shark. Little Man LOVES to be the shark!

We teased him a little bit about becoming a shark from playing the game on the playground to which he responded "rraaaaarrrrrrrr"!!!!! My hubby then told him next time he should play millionaire.

*bahaha! I just looked up the lyrics to the song and it is actually My "hat" looks like a sharks fin....

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  1. That is too funny both about your son and getting the song lyrics wrong. I do that ALL the time! The song will never sound right to you as "hat", it will always sound better as hand from now on.