Wednesday, September 30, 2009


and by fall I mean I fell....not the lovely season we are experiencing. Imagine, if you will, my sweet little Munchkin begging to get on the bull statue in front of Sante Fe Cattle Co. As her happy go lucky mommy I was glad to oblige. I helped her up onto the bull and turned. Normally this would be uneventful. However, last night I was wearing MUDD clogs and the bull was surrounded by oval river rocks. As I turned my ankle slightly twisted and I lost my balance, I almost caught myself but then realized there was nothing to catch myself on and landed square on my backside. As I sat down I told my hubby I most likely needed to call the chiropractor. If I didn't break my tailbone I certainly bruised it and jerked my back out of whack. I will be going to the doctor tomorrow. So fun...

On the fall weather front, I have sat outside for lunch for the last three days. I love fall...but not to fall. :)

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