Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pre-K Graduation

I don't know if this is a big deal all over the country or if it is just in the south that Pre-K graduation is such a big deal. Little Man had graduation on Thursday night. We took him in the clothes he had worn to school that day and apparently I should have dressed him up a bit more. Why? I don't know, his clothes were under a cap and gown anyway. :) There were little boys in ties and little girls in dresses, flowers and graduation gifts. That said, this was the cutest thing I have ever seen. The kids marched in to Pomp and Circumstance all the way from the back of the church.The took their seat and there was an intro from the director of the Preschool. The pastor of the church opened in prayer and the kids proceeded to sing a bunch of songs. One of them was the Name Game song where they each had to say their name. They have been practicing this since Easter and everytime they would ask our Little Guy his name he would say a nickname that we have for him. When it was his turn he stood up and said the nickname, stopped because he knew he was supposed to say his whole name and actually said it in front of all of those people.

He sang all of the songs and he knew them! I loved seeing him up there with his little classmates and doing so well. There have been times when I didn't think I would ever see him on a stage like that without freaking out. But, he was comfortable and even held up the llama in the Down by the Bay song. Now, if he could have kept his tassel out of his face he would have been even happier. There was one little boy that kept cracking us up. He has albinism and is just the sweetest little thing. He was like a gospel choir singer up there on the stage. His hands were up, he sang loud and proud and put the rest of the kids to shame!

We had to pose a photo pf Little Man getting his diploma because the first one I took didn't turn out as well.

I am so proud of my little man for graduating from Pre-K. More that he did so well during the ceremony than anything else. He has a long road ahead and I hope things like this will keep him motivated to do well in school.

I was not the only one proud of Little Man. Munchkin and Daddy were happy to celebrate with him too!


BusyBeeMom said...

This is such a Southern Tradition!! I'm not sure if they do it anywhere else, but oh yes...we've been right there! How exciting and fun to see our children grow. We have Hannah's Kindergarten Graduation on Monday. I think I'm ready. Yes, I'm ready. She's ready. And, oh, BTW...Will is potty trained!

AmyRuth said...

We lived in TX when my three were that young. I remember. Congratulations! Such a happy time of year.

Montee said...

He looks so sweet in that cap and gown!

I went to a private kindergarten (before kindergarten was required in schools)in Clarksville. We had a big graduation ceremony and we put on a little play. I remember it was a play about Spring and I was a daffodil.

I am so glad that your Little Man made it through and I am sure he will do great throughout school because he has such a supportive and loving family.

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