Friday, May 15, 2009

Mothers Day Tea

Last week I got an invitation to go to a Mothers Day Tea at my Little guys Preschool. When I arrived there were a few moms already there and quite the spread for all of us.

They led the kids out in a line. I was glad to see Little Man was on my end. He happened to be the line leader that day so he was pretty excited about that. The kids sang a few songs for us mommies and then brought us each a present.
Inside were some of the sweetest little gifts. I love to keep anything with my kids handprints on it. Each of those little treasures show how much the kids are growing. I think my favorite was the handprint butterfly.
Once the gifts were all distributed we were all asked to line up to get treats. One of the teachers even had a teapot that played music every time tea was poured. Little Man tried some sweet tea and made a horrible face. His teacher got him some water. :)
A tradition at the preschool is for the kids to rub lotion on their mamas hands. Little Man would have nothing to do with that. Have I mentioned he still has some sensory issues? He smelled it but would not touch it.

At the end he simply gave me a hug and a kiss and said "Bye Mommy! I yuv you!" and went back to being the line leader. We were instructed to take the flower with our kiddos name on it and head on out. The next class was about to start their tea

This was such a sweet gesture put on by the school. I loved seeing my sweet little guy there and seeing him shine.

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Mary said...

My son's preschool had mother's day tea last week too. They sang songs about how much they love us and made us wind chimes...they even "served" us lunch. I cried :). I am glad you liked your special day too...aren't we lucky?!

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