Sunday, May 03, 2009

Boys vs. Girls

If people try to tell you that boy are not different than girls, they have obviously never been around children. Here is a real life example for you from our day.
We went to a little boys birthday party this afternoon. He was turning 6 and there was a much higher ratio of boys to girls. It was supposed to take place at the park but got moved inside due to rain. The adults stood in the back blowing up balloons for the kids to play with. Before we even finished a couple of balloons popped. This turned into a game of who could pop the balloons the fastest and grabbing them from unsuspecting people. I look over to see my daughter in hysterical tears. When I went over to see what the problem was she was holding 3 yellow balloons. No one had grabbed balloons from her but she was so upset because she was trying to make a yellow family of balloons. She did not understand why the boys wanted to pop all of the them, and why destroying them made them so happy. I pulled her outside so we could talk as she was really starting to make a scene. I explained to her that I understood that she was imagining the little yellow family of balloons but boys like to destroy things. I "rescued" the 3 balloons she had by putting them in the car and she was happy again.

On a different note, I saw Little Man stand up for an adult! When all of the kids lined up for the pinata he got shoved out of line. There was a mom there that was pretty pushy. She pointed at Little Man and told him to go to the back of the line. He looked right at her and said "he pushed me!" She said "oh, he did? well go to the back of the line". He walked back there since the other kids were not letting him back in line. Munchkin saw all of it and left her spot 4th from the front to be back there with him. My heart leapt for joy at that all of that. One that he stood up for himself and two that she went with him as a protector. My kids love each other and just little gestures like that give me hope for the times when they are biting each others heads off.

Anyway, boys and girls are inherently different no matter what anyone says!

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  1. That's awesome of your daughter to stand up for her brother. Yes, I sure wish they'd do that ALL the time. People think my kids are little angels (nice acting, guys), but man I wish they'd be that way at home! ;)