Friday, April 10, 2009

Hello cuteness! Easter Cake Pops

OK! Here is my second attempt at Bakerella cake pops. I decided these would be easier than the Hello Kitty Pops I made a couple of months ago.
When you actually read the directions instead of just trying to do them from memory they actually turn out OK.

Things I did differently this time:
-refrigerated the cake balls over night
-dipped the end of the lollipop sticks in the melted candy before putting them in the cake ball
-used a tall glass for dipping instead of a shallow bowl.

Things to do before the next time:
-buy an expensive camera and a lightbox
-or put in super duper windows for natural light and take pictures when it is actually light outside
-or paint my dining room bright white instead of dark yellow

Munchkin found out that I was making them for Little Mans class and really wanted some for hers as well. Lucky for her this made 40 pops. Only two of which were sacrificed to the melted candy gods. The kids got to share one and I ate one.
They are still not as purty as Bakerellas but they are getting there. At least I feel a little more confident in my cake pop endeavors than I did before.


  1. ADORABLE! I bet they were popular!

  2. These look great Karen! So cute!

  3. Anonymous5:27 PM

    They look wonderful. Congrats on the success!

  4. saundra1:37 PM

    Those look great!

  5. Karen, these turned out so cute! I'm sure the kids loved them. Such great Easter photos of them too. :) Happy Easter to you and your family.

  6. Thanks ladies!! :) The kids loved them. Thanks for stumbling me again!! :)

  7. Awesome job, much, much better than I could do! And I think they are super cute and have a personality all their own!