Friday, April 03, 2009

Dear Smokers....

Well, it is spring and that means car windows rolled down and air vents open. If you would like to choke yourself and your passengers (as long as they are not children who can't defend themselves) on nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, DDT and 500 other chemicals you are more than welcome to.

Please keep your windows rolled up and do not let your second hand smoke out to come in my open windows and vents. Those of us that do not smoke are not choosing your second hand smoke and are virtually being held prisoner by those of you that do.

Those of you smoking on elementary school grounds are breaking the law and causing a cloud of second hand smoke for small children to walk through. Thanks a lot. They are not choosing that you are forcing it on them. Please stop smoking on campus.

PS. throwing your cigarette butt out the window is littering. You may think it is just one little butt. Take a look out your window and see the thousands of butts piled up along the roadway. It is an eyesore and a hazard.

Stepping off soapbox now...

One more thing. Here are a couple of links for quitting smoking

Why quit
American Lung Association
Quitters Inc

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  1. I think it's crazy when I am at a stoplight with my windows rolled up and I can smell the cigarette smoke coming from the person driving the car in front of me. YUK!