Thursday, April 09, 2009

80's Bunco

Once a month I get together with a bunch of girls to play Bunco. Bunco is a dice game where you roll to 21. If you roll 3 of the number you are rolling for (say 3 5's when rolling for 5's) you get a big Bunco.
It is a little confusing at first but once you have been through a couple of rounds it is easy to catch on to.
What could be more fun than simply playing Bunco? Themed Bunco of course! When it was at my house it was costume party as it was Halloween time. This months Bunco was 80's bunco. I am not one of those people that toss everything they have that is out of style or I have no use for anymore. Why? Because everything comes back around. Why should I go out and spend money on new 80's clothes when I have my originals?Thank goodness bangs are back. Obviously not big like this but they worked for that night. My sweet daughter took this next photo of me. Here I should make mention that most people that use my camera cannot get it to focus. So, my children may just think that I was out of focus all of their childhood. Yes, I still have my original crimper.

Leslie, the lady that hosted this month pulled out some of her vintage 80's gear:

Now, I was in 9th grade in 1989 so I will admit that I was more 90's big hair than 80's. You can tell the ladies who actually had 80's big hair.

Bunco essentials:

Believe it or not Michelle got her 80's gear at Hot Topic and Claire's Boutique. Like I said it all comes back around...


  1. Is that your jean jacket from Jr High?

  2. I probably exaggerated a little when I said all my stuff was vintage. That is a jean jacket from Yamaha from college. :) All of the buttons are vintage though.

  3. I must tell you. I usually look at photos first and then read. And let me say, I was scared until I read you did this on purpose! :) Looks like a good time!

  4. Like, this is just like totally awesome! ;) graduating class: 1988