Thursday, April 02, 2009

800 + Tornadoes

Here is is my 800th post and what is happening? Tornadoes! You may or may not know that the south is getting hammered with storms at the moment. I work up on a hill and spent about 15 minutes in the stairwell with my fellow employees.

When we came out we found this branch on one of the guys cars. A student came in and told us there were 3 trees down on the road leading to the school. The FedEx guy came in and said he had to drive the wrong way on another street leading to the school because of a downed tree. I had
Photo by Alicia Fletcher several people call and tell me the building near ours got hit. It didn't, it was another building with the same name a few miles away. I have probably answered the phone about a hundred times telling students that "Yes, we are still having classes".

There is another line of storms coming that will hopefully not be as bad as this one was.

So, Yea...for 800 posts. And, Boooooo for tornadoes!


  1. yikes! i HATE tornados. they scare me to death. congrtats on 800 post though. that is quite the accomplishment!

  2. Your post title scared me to death! I thought you had 800 tornados! Glad it was 800 posts. I'm still working on 100 after 3 years.
    Love ya,

  3. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Wow! Wacky weather. I hope everything stays okay.

    Congrats on the 800th post!

  4. I remember all the tornadoes when we lived in TN. Brett thought when we moved to TX that we would see more of them. The part of TX we live rarely sees tornadoes.

  5. 800 posts!!! That's a ton, way to go! I have heard about all the tornados going on and been praying for everyone!