Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Junie B First Grader

Here come the days of projects at school. I think I remember making a dioramas and things like that but I don't think I ever decorated a potato. The note came home last week saying that this was a project for the kids and the parents to do together. And, work together we did. Munchkin really wanted to decorate her potato like Junie B. First Grader Squirty the Clown. She was very adamant about it looking like the picture on the front of the book. Of course we couldn't find the right material for the pants. While at Joann's we looked at all of the fabric. She is really into yellow at the moment so I told her she could pick any fabric she wanted. They have those squares of fabric that were just right for what we needed. When she had permission to pick out what she wanted she was completely happy to pick out a yellow she loved for Junie B's pants.

Bobby helped out a ton with hot glue, donated a black sock for her shirt and even fashioned the glasses out of a purple twist tie. Munchkin was thrilled with the final product and was even excited to pose for pictures with her final product. These are the kind of projects I like. :)
I think we did a pretty darn good group project! :)


Montee said...

What a cute little tater! I think she will get an "A" for sure.

Debbie said...

Ahh the memories! Great job my little munchkin.
Love ya,

Band of Brothers said...

very cute! i'm so impressed by your groupwork and dedication!

Karen Hyde said...

I LOVE Junie B books. They were my favorite to read out loud to the kids when I taught. What a fun idea... and Potato Junie B turned out GREAT!

BusyBeeMom said...

So much fun!! You guys did a great job.

Susan said...

How cute!!!!! Did they get a grade? A+ for sure.

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