Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Things that shouldn't happen in the morning

-Darling daughter sits on the floor and will not get dressed. She doesn't have a fit or anything just sits and continues to be quietly defiant.

-Realize 2 minutes before walking out the door you have to find daughters cookie dough order form to turn in today.

- Cannot find charger for Mp3 player and take it out on sweet husband who just burned you a CD.

- While getting sons shoes on you ask "What is that darn dog doing now" Sweet husband replies "eating the empty napkin off the counter". Just a moment before the empty napkin had blueberry muffin tops that were planning on being consumed by me on the way out the door.

- Harebrained mommy walks out and leave essential caffeine in the form of a Diet Coke sitting on the counter.

- After getting gas and dropping kiddos off sweet hubby drops harebrained wife off at the airport to pick up a rental car. No issues there except that it is 18 degrees.

- Check in process goes smoothly. Apparently harebrained mommy isn't the only one harebrained this morning. Mommy was given keys to a Chevy and the car in the assigned spot was a Nissan. After walking across the parking lot to find the wrong car in 18 degree weather Mommy was not happy. Of course, mommy was friendly with the lady at the counter who immediately gave her keys to a Toyota much closer the building.

- All of that happened before 8:30 this morning. Mommy is praying the rest of the day is less eventful and more on time. :)

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