Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hi there OLD HOUSE. Why thank you for the money back from our old escrow account when we refinanced! Why yes, we would like to pay off at least one of our debts with it. What is that you say? There is a giant leak in a pipe in the basement? Well, here ya go, have this cash back. We are indebted to you anyway for being a roof over our heads.

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Montee said...

Yep, it always happens. Phillip has a real estate license and mainly helps buyers to buy ranches. He does a house deal every now and then. The deals are really few and far between because he is dealing with ranches. Anyway, he got a deal done last week. We are planning to use that money to pay down debt but I am holding my breath. Something else always seems to take it. You're not alone.

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