Tuesday, January 13, 2009

{TWD} Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins and Pear Tart

I finally feel like I am back into some semblance of a routine. The kids are in school, I am working, Bobby is able to pick up the kids. There is not much time in the evening to do much of anything except eat dinner and put the kiddos to bed so any baking is relegated to the weekend.

This weekend I was able to make the Savory Corn Muffins chosen by Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake. These were a nice change from all of the sweets. Check out Rebecca's blog for the recipe or buy the book "Baking from My Home to Yours" by Dorie Greenspan.
I was also able to make the French Pear Tart that was chosen by none other than Dorie Greenspan.
It is her cookbook we are baking our way through and it is fun that she pops in every once in awhile to answer questions, give pointers and even choose a recipe. Tuesdays with Dorie turned one this month so it was a special treat to have Dorie join us.

The muffins came together really easily. Luckily I had just enough cornmeal left over from making Cornmeal Crescent Rolls at Christmas without having to buy more. I chose to go the traditional route on these as no one in my family would have eaten them with the jalapenos in them. As it was my son and I ate the majority of them. I suppose I should have shared them at work. Bobby liked them but I don't think they were his favorite as there are still a few in the kitchen.
The one thing I was worried about when making these was how the buttermilk and butter came together. I don't think I let the butter cool long enough as it clumped up pretty quickly. I guess it didn't matter too much though as the muffins came out nice and crumbly like cornbread. These will be a great compliment to chili the next time I make it.

Last week was crazy and I didn't get to make the French Pear Tart until this weekend. I think I over baked the crust a little bit but it still turned out flaky and melt in your mouth delicious. I was a little worried about this one as my daughter and my husband don't like cooked fruit. I had not reason to worry. The cream had ground almonds in it giving it kind of a rustic quality. Bobby loved it! Munchkin didn't even want to try it though. So, in our house this was a grown-up dessert, not that we minded of course!

Next time I may not prebake the crust so it doesn't get so brown. But, I will definitely be making this again!


  1. Wow! Your pear tart is gorgeous! I like the more traditional path you took with your corn muffins. I bet these would be fab with chili!

  2. Your pear tart turned out perfectly - Dorie would be proud! And the corn muffins look great too!

  3. Anonymous9:25 AM

    The same thing happened with my buttermilk and butter.Twice! I threw it out the first time it happened, so I melted more butter and let it cool longer and it happened again. I used it and the muffins turned out fine.

    Your muffins look great!

  4. Great job.

    They look wonderful.

  5. Your muffins look delicious and happy to be eaten by your family. What a beautiful pear tart as well. Nice to get all caught up and back to normal. Wha's That?
    Thank you for visiting.

  6. Your tart and your muffins look wonderful...great job. I liked this recipe and enjoyed the muffins!

  7. your pear tart is beautiful. i used dried buttermilk in the muffins, it's interesting to read your issues as well as one of the previous commenters. i can never use buttermilk fast enough to justify the cost! :)

  8. Your muffins and pear tart both look great! :)

  9. Dorie says that she prefers a dark crust on tarts because it brings out the flavor!

    Your muffins look good, and they are a great pair with cornbread.

  10. oh WOW, I LOVE the way you fanned your pears...they look like crowns! You got to be "queen for a day!"

    Your muffins look fabulous! Looks like you've been busy in the kitchen!

  11. You've been a busy baker! Your muffins and the tart both look great! My kids wouldn't eat the tart either -- if only they knew what they were missing!

  12. Like you and pinkstripe, my butter/buttermilk mix did the same thing! And I tossed the first batch. Must remember to put a note in the book about "may look strangely curdled"

  13. The tart and the muffins both look amazing! When's dinner?

  14. I know I am suppose to comment about the muffins this week but I love how your tart came out! Wasn't it delish? Its probably up there as one of my favorite Dorie recipes to date.
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought