Saturday, January 24, 2009

LM at Chickfila

Chickfila is a favorite hang out spot for playdates and meet-ups. Last night it was our Lifegroup meeting there. It was a really informal gathering but it was fun. We got there really late due to the kids not cleaning their rooms when they were told to. That is another story in itself.

A fun fact: If you don't open the toy in the kids meal you can turn it in for ice cream.

We only had one kids meal because Munchkin shared a salad with me. When we were done eating Little Man asked if he could open his toy. Right now they have these paper bugs that you punch out and build into 3D characters. LM got a ladybug which we have had before. So, we told him no because we were going to trade it for ice cream. I turned to talk to a friend and when I looked back LM was gone! He had been sitting right next to Bobby who said he didn't know where he went. I had a second of panic until I looked at the counter and one proud little boy had taken his toy all by himself and had traded it for an ice cream cone! We told him he has to ask before leaving the table but we were pretty proud of him for trading his toy all by himself! He is getting more and more independent every day.

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  1. How cool. We have never been to Chickfila--where is it in town? We're not far from the zoo.