Friday, January 16, 2009

Journey to the Center of the Earth

This is the movie that came from Netflix today. We decided that since it was PG we could probably let the kids watch it and just let them know there would be some scary parts in it. We pulled the hide-a-bed out, popped some popcorn, grabbed some fun dip and settled in.

Once we figured out why the dog as whining at us (she lost her bone under the couch) we were actually able to hear.

There is one part in particular that is pretty intense with a T-Rex chasing Trevor and Sean. Poor Little Man kind of freaked out and kind of hid his face. I could see he wanted to know what happened so he sat on my lap and watched from the safety of my arms. Once the T-Rex had been defeated he yelled in a delighted voice "HE SAVED THE DAY!!!!!!!" and was then much happier.

All in all a good clean family movie. I do wish we had seen it in 3D though as there were some parts that would have been really cool. The door was left wide open for a sequel but who knows if that will happen.
This was a good test also for future action flicks with the kiddos. :)


  1. We love Netflix! I took Avery to see this in the theaters over the summer. Aidan was in MDO. I really enjoyed it and so did Avery- you're right, the dinosaur part is pretty intense and even more so with 3-D. I was glad when we got to that part that I hadn't brought Aidan with me. I'm glad your kiddos enjoyed it!

  2. Anna loved this movie!