Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Afternoon

My first job was babysitting for a family in California. I love that family and I really miss them. I went to their house almost every Friday for a long time so I could babysit for them. I wonder if the mom and dad sat at work on Friday afternoons anticipating their date that night.

As I sit here on Friday afternoon I am seeing people stressed out by the week. They are ready to be out for the weekend and I am right there with them. I had one guy pass by that said he was going to lunch to find the next 3 hours of motivation. I am not sure he found it. It has also just been slow around here today. But, I guess that is how most Fridays are.

I am looking forward to picking my kiddos up, hitting the Redbox and having a movie night. We will pull out the hide-a-bed, pop some popcorn and try to keep the dog on the floor.

What do you like to do with your Friday night?


  1. we were going to a birthday party, but the lil birthday girl got we get to stay in for the night! we may just have to have a popcorn/movie night too. i want to watch devil wears prada.

  2. Princess is going to a Daddy Daughter dance tonight and I am playing games with Bubba (that is if the volcano doesn't blow)