Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kicked Out!

Bobby told me about his friends wife today. I was kind of having a fit about how much I paid the plumber and he said "at least you didn't have as bad a day as my friends wife!"

Apparently they frequent the Brentwood Skate Center and were there for a visit. She was helping her youngest daughter around the rink with shoes on. The daughter had skates. A worker came over and told her she couldn't be out there with shoes on. She responded that they come there all the time and always do that. The worker got the manager who told her the same thing and that he had called the police. WHAT? for wearing shoes on the skating rink floor?

She asked why he did that and explained again that they always did that and they come there often.

The police showed up and escorted her and her young kids out of the building. SERIOUSLY? What could she have done to warrant that. The police couldn't really come up with an answer except to say they have a good relationship with the skating rink.

Hm...just so you know if you wear shoes on the rink the police will escort you out at the Brentwood Skating Rink!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Food Blog

or recipe sites. Do you have any you frequent? If I am not careful this could turn into one.....

Last night we had grilled pork chops marinated in Garlic and Herb sauce, made from scratch blueberry muffins (not scratch from a box) and corn on the cob. It was delicious. I felt very domestic.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures..maybe next time.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ewwww/Blessing in Disguise???

Bobby has been on a trip with his band for the last week. He finally got back into town around 8. Since it was going to be past the kids bed time we decided to meet him at a restaurant we frequent so the kids could see him.

We had excellent service, the food tasted great. We were just thinking about getting a to go box for Munchkins food when my least favorite thing in the restaurant industry happened. Yep, a roach ran across our table. EEWWWWW!!!

Bobby smashed it, but just enough you could still see the antennae moving. Yuck , just thinking about that makes me want to hurl! The server came over and we showed her. After a long while she came back with the bill. The manager came over and said "I'm sorry about the beetle" to which I replied "It wasn't a beetle it was a cockroach!" He looked a little confused and said "I haven't seen any cockroaches but we have had quite a few beetles lately" and proceeded to walk away.
GROSS! A bug just ran across our table. If there is a roach running across my table, how many are in the kitchen? Please don't tell me that you have had "quite a few beetles lately"!

After the server took the bill and my card she was gone for quite while again. She came back with just the card and said the bill was taken care of (blessing in disguise?). Now, this was wonderful because we really shouldn't have been eating out anyway, except that we had no cash for a tip. I asked if she could bring the zeroed out bill so I could leave her a tip. No such luck.

Aside from the disgustingness of a roach on our table we had great service and delicious food (please let me not have had any protein I didn't order). I wanted to leave a tip. I think I will run back in this week with a tip for her when we have some cash on us because obviously the bug was not her fault.

Now, I didn't put the restaurant name on purpose because we like it and don't want it to get bad press. But, I may put in a call to the health department..or the news to check the scorecard. Who knows.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not a good day.....

I feel like a crappy mommy today. My poor kids got the brunt of my stress earlier. It was bad enough I had to apologize for acting like a 2 year old.
Of course here are a few things that happened:
-Got a bill from the electric company saying they are turning off our power on the 31st if I don't pay $60. I paid that bill so I called the company. Yeah, feeling like an idiot. As I realize our bill doubled when we turned the AC on. I only paid half the bill last time thinking that my check and the bill crossed in the mail.
-I had been trying to get my kids to clean Little Mans room for 3 hours when I got a call from the apointment setting line for someone to see the house. My house was still kind of a mess from Munchkins birthday party last week and I was working on it but it was still a pain.
-We were supposed to go to a birthday party but the appointment line called back to see if they could come earlier. We would not have made it back in time if we went. Munchkin said she would be sad if we didn't go but not heartbroken.
-Did I mention Kelsey is shedding her undercoat? I swept up so much dog hair I could have knitted myself a winter coat.
-I told the kids to finish cleaning Little Mans room while I took a shower. All of a sudden I had no water pressure and all of my hot water was gone. I had only been in there for 2 minutes. I turned off the water, realized my towel was in the living room for some reason, and heard the water running upstairs. My son was filling the bathtub with all of my precious hot water.
That would be about the time I lost it and acted like a two year old. I pulled him out of the tub and told him to go change. That was met with crying because his clothes were all wet. Yeah? Guess what? You were in the bathtub with your clothes on!
-Munchkin knew how upset I was. By the time the water heated back up and I was out of the shower she had cleaned Little Mans room fairly well. I basically just had to straighten everything up.
-Oh yeah, today is also the day I decided to catch up on all of my laundry. I was planning on leaving Bobbys out for him to put away when he gets home tomorrow but it is all put away due to the house showing.
-I was taking out the trash when the lady got here to look at the house. She was very nice. Please pray she is the one who wants our house!
I guess on the plus side the dog is doing better inside. She is not trying to get on the furniture and is really not jumping on us. She likes to lay by the front door, which is totally fine with me. As long as she is not slobbering on me I am fine.
Also, as we were saying prayers tonight Little Man deviated from his normal short prayer to include daddy's safe trip home tomorrow. That was really sweet. Hugs from both of my babies tonight helped make me feel better too.
All I can do is pray for a better day tomorrow.

Secret Yosemite

This is the description of the movie from
Product Description
Go beyond the tourist hotspots and experience a day in the life of Yosemite National Park as never before. Home to over two thousand plant and animal species Yosemite attracts more than 3.5 million visitors from around the globe each year. Known for its steep granite cliffs impressive waterfalls and the world's largest living trees?the Giant Sequoias?this beautiful haven is home to a host of wild creatures ranging from black bears bobcats foxes snakes and a variety of bats. Explore the hidden reaches of this vast wilderness found beyond the postcard-perfect views.Running Time: 50 min.System Requirements:Running Time: 57 minsFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: DOCUMENTARIES/MISC. UPC: 727994752080 Manufacturer No: G75208
On top of Mount Dana overlooking Mono Lake.

On the Diving Board on the top of Half Dome.

On top of Mount Dana with Dave, Phil and Corrine.
On the way up to the top of Half Dome. Yep, we had to pull ourselves up those ropes to get to the top.
Me and Corrine in front of Half Dome. We were hiking the Glacier Point Trail that day.

I have been waiting for this to come out on video for quite some time. Having lived in Yosemite for a summer and hiking all over the place I was genuinely excited to view this DVD. I was totally disappointed! I expected to see things like Mt. Dana, or Mono Lake, Clouds Rest or a mention of Vernal Falls. Something in the back country or even a shot of Wawona on the south end of the park where I lived. Of course I have pictures but no video and I was hoping for video of some of the places I visited.

El Capitan was the biggest portion of the DVD. That was interesting from a rock climbing perspective but it is one of main things tourists oooh and aww over in the park. There was a small segment on Half Dome but it pretty much said if you hike it you will die from lightening. That is probably extreme...they talked about a day where several men died when a lightening storm came in. Tragic, yes. Enlightening, no.

The biggest disappointment was that it was a big global warming propaganda film. Please don't use this film as a guide if you ever get the pleasure of going to Yosemite. I am going to have to see if there are any better ones out there to relive the joy of that park.

Bucket List

LifeChurch is doing a series called At the Movies right now. For those of you that went to APU it is like an extended Jon Wallace Chapel! :) Last weeks movies was The Bucket List. Now, I have not seen the entire movie, just the clips from church last week so I am going on what was shown. Last night at Life Group we discussed our own Bucket List...if we had one, if it was ok to have one, why would you have one. The general feeling I got out of it was that it was kind of limiting God to have a list of things to do before you die. That lists would be superficial and kind of pointless. That we might make a list and want to stick to it when God wants us to go a different direction entirely. Anyone that was there can chime in if you read this. I was a little preoccupied with Little Man at my feet so I may have missed something.

After thinking about it, and probably not adding much to the conversation last night, I think I am going to disagree a little bit. I think God puts desires in our heart for a reason. If we need to make a list to understand what those desires are I think that is OK. God created this beautiful world for us to explore and enjoy and my list probably has quite a bit of superficial stuff on it. Those things I may never get to. Of course we never know when our next breath will be so a list may be pointless anyway.

There is a book called The Dream Giver. I know Laura talked about it on her blog a little bit. I did a Bible Study on that book. Through studying the Bible and going through that book some things were revealed to me that I have on my list. There are things I want to do that I believe God has placed in my heart. Those are on my list. They are things like writing a book (Of course you better be might end up as a character!), working with survivors of abuse, taking my kids to nursing homes, and being a better friend.

My first and foremost items on my bucket list are to see my children accept Christ and learn how to follow Him.
To show Christs love to others.
To teach my children compassion, empathy and charity for others.

I guess all of that to say, I have a may not be written down and checked off but I have things I want to do in my lifetime. And, I believe God placed those desires in my heart for a reason. No one has to agree with me, but that is where I stand.

Do you have a bucket list? What kinds of things are on it if you do?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Clean rooms

Six and Four year olds are old enough to clean their own rooms right?
There is no reason on this earth I should have to clean them. Am I being too ambitious or delusional in thinking my children can clean their rooms and do a good job of it?

I set a timer, gave my daughter a list and told her to check the items off as she went. It included make bed, put stuffed animals away, put dress up clothes away, stack books nicely on the bookshelf, throw away any trash, put your rug back where it belongs. I gave her 45 minutes.

She has no problem sitting through an hour and a half movie. She can sit for at least 30 minutes and read a book. She can run around outside and play in the water for a very long time. Is it too much to think she can clean her room in that amount of time?

Little Mans room is another story. It is not nearly as messy as hers so his will be worked on later this evening. Crazy kids.....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kids Clothes

Do your kids need clothes for the fall? Do you not want to spend an arm and a leg? Check out Encores and more North! Sale starts on August 9th in the old Goodwill space near the Parent Teacher Store in Rivergate.

Happy shopping!!

A Cheesecake Rumor for July 30th

So I heard a rumor over on Lauras blog about some cheesecake being $1.50 a slice and decided to check out her story.

From the Cheesecake Factory Website:
*Dine in only and only one slice per person.

Celebrating “30 Delicious Years,” The Cheesecake Factory is serving up several sweet initiatives throughout 2008.

To kick-off the anniversary celebration and in commemoration of National Cheesecake Day on July 30th, 2008, The Cheesecake Factory restaurants will offer every delicious slice of its more than 30 varieties of cheesecake with a dollop of nostalgia by featuring all cheesecakes at $1.50 per slice, limit one per guest, dine in only, on that day—as they were when the restaurant first opened in 1978.

In addition, a special, limited edition cheesecake, the 30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake, will be introduced on July 30th with $0.25 from the sale of each slice sold this year benefiting the national hunger-relief organization, America’s Second Harvest – The Nation’s Food Bank Network. Additional activities will be announced throughout the year.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Duck Race

So I have been a total slacker blogger this week! I have about 4 posts in my head that have been floating around. All of my pictures were still on the camera though. I am trying to get the kids back on a somewhat normal schedule so when school starts it won't be a huge shock. They were in bed by 8:15 tonight...let's see if I can keep that up!

On Friday I was checked in on Facebook or of those and saw that Angel was headed to the duck race. I have seen duck races on TV and on other friends blogs before where thousands of ducks are dumped in the river and the thousands of people are cheering them on. I was kind of expecting something like that. Of course I had no idea how that was going to happen at Moss Wright Park. I love Moss Wright but there is not a very large body of water nearby except for a small creek. Imagine my surprise when we arrived and there was a large sheet of plastic and a firehose. It only took me a minute to get over my surprise though when I saw how much better this was going to be for the kids. I didn't have to worry about losing them. They each got to pick out a duck and name it. Only 10-15 ducks were in each heat and both of them made it to the final heat. Even better, they got to keep their ducks. So, even though they weren't in the final 3 they still won! I was so glad Angel had posted that she was going because it was a really fun event to take the kiddos to.

I happened to run into the Pyne family there as well. They were the owners of the Scrapyard, the scrapbook store I worked at when we moved out here. Their daughter in law was pregnant with her first baby the same time I was with Munchkin. It was so fun to see how big her kiddos have gotten!

I need to get on the ball and check the Nashville Parent and see what other free events we can go to this summer.

Meet Princess Ducky and Quacker. Yes, there are pink flowers on Little Mans duck. That is the one that stood out to him I guess. Which is good. Most of the pirates and army ducks got stuck and had a difficult time getting down to the end gate!

Quacker and Princess Ducky take in an imaginary T-Ball game.
Munchkin and Little Man were exhausted and hot by the time all was said and done. We went home for rest time and then went to meet Bobby for our next adventure!

Oh yeah, if you happen to see my kids picture in the Davidson County Am or the Star News could you keep a copy for me? There was a photographer there that asked if she could print their picture. It would look a lot like the first picture in the post. Thanks!!

Handsome Hubby

I have the most handsome hubby! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's for Dinner?

Ideas? Anyone?
Last night we had taco salads. I had azteca -bake in the oven shells- that we filled with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and cheese. Yum!

Tonight I made stuffed baked potatoes and steamed green beans. Munchkin is enjoying hers but I am pretty sure Little Man hasn't taken one bite so far. Bobby ate it and I think he will eat it again if I make it but he is not a fan of baked potatoes. I am though so everyone gets to eat what I want for once!
Other things I make when I am in cooking mode:
Baked Ziti
Chicken Bundles
No Peek Chicken (Chicken and Rice)
Homemade Mac and Cheese with smoked sausage on top
Make your own pizza night (using french bread and various toppings)
Frozen Skillet meals
Hand patted Cheeseburgers and French Fries
Angel Hair Pasta and garlic bread (I am horrible at making is either still too stiff or too mushy)
Chicken Enchiladas
Brown Sugar Glazed Ham with pineapple
Pork Chop Scallop
Baked Pork Loin
Grilled Salmon

So, I guess I have a pretty good variety going on. What do you make on a regular basis that is easy and fast? Of course the best thing I make is reservations....hardy har har!! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Duh! Here are the cupcakes!

These were basic box cupcakes but I dressed them up a little bit. The chocolate ones had cherries chopped and folded in. The frosting had a little cherry extract added.

The pink ones were just strawberry with strawberry frosting.

The white ones each had a Hersey Kiss baked in the center of them. Then there were basic Angel Food that I intended to serve with cool whip on top.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I DO NOT like dogs

There, I said it. In case you didn't know I am not a fan. Friends that have dogs know that I don't like dogs. Their dogs like me for some reason though. And, their dogs are old and calm so I don't mind them.
Dogs smell bad, they slobber on you and you have to clean up their steaming piles of poo when you walk them. Gross to all of the above. Not to mention when they shed their undercoat you have to clean up more dog hair than normal. Yuck!

There was some piece on TV the other night about how dogs lower your blood pressure or some hooey. Bobby was all about it...see look what dogs can do for you!
Um.....I feel my blood pressure raising with the dog in the house. Kelsey came back last night after living on a farm with room to run for the last 3 months. We were hoping to have the house sold and be moved into a new place by now. It hasn't happened. So, we cleaned out the office closet and stuck her crate in there. It is pretty den like. She didn't do too bad last night. One accident in the house but that was when Bobby grabbed her collar to take her outside.

I am stressed because I am worried she is going to ruin the office carpet coming in from outside. I will admit she is a little calmer than when we dropped her off at the farm. But she is still a big dog in a small space and with two small kids that is not good.

Ugh...I am done venting I guess. Please pray for me that I will let her lower my blood pressure instead of stressing me out. That she won't ruin the carpet with her big clodhopper feet, that she won't dig up the newly planted back yard, that she won't accidentally bite the kids (she got my finger last night when I was throwing her toy to her), and that she won't bark incessantly.

Yuck, dogs smell.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July Aftermath

On July 3rd we bought a bunch of fireworks to set off. Bobby was a little bummed that we didn't get to do them on the 4th but we made up for it on the 5th. He felt a little better when there were quite a few people setting them off at the same time as us.

On a different note I found this recipe for homemade pretzels through stumbleupon. As soon as I saw it I knew I was going to have to make them. Bobby and the kids love those giant pretzels at the mall (ok, I do too) and I thought they would be fun to make.

I made the dough right before we went to set the fireworks off. When we got back it was ready to roll out, twist and pop in the oven. They were a hit! The recipe made 6 homemade pretzels and since I would make the same size mess for 12 I will be doubling it the next time.

We took the kids up to an open parking area near our house to play with fire. :) For the most part they sat on the trunk of the car while Bobby played pyro. We had some cool fireworks like the ground bloom flowers, a fire truck and a couple of fountains and a couple of duds. The kids loved the little poppers you throw on the ground and the sparklers.
When we got home our neighbors were setting some off in their front yard so we watched for a little bit more before heading in to enjoy our delicious pretzel treat.

Whew, what a day! The aftermath of 4th of July was just as fun as 4th of July!