Wednesday, April 30, 2008

When it rains it pours.....

otherwise known as things that annoy me or stress me out:

Getting a house ready to sell is not a fun job. I am a terrible housekeeper so I am now seeing all of the dust in the corners.

The air conditioning going out in our SUV just in time for summer.

Finally being able to budget but not being used to it yet.

Finding out we owe $475 for a procedure I had 2 months ago.

Taking our 11 year old car in today and being told it will be $1500-$1600 for a new transmission...or I can sell it for $300. No thanks.

Thinking about my student loans that are on forbearance and having a small panic attack.

Fixing up the entire front yard and finding dog poop in it. (Our dog has been at a friends house since the beginning of the month)

Fixing up the entire front yard and our maple tree dumping 5 million whirlybirds on it. We'll be picking those out of the mulch the day before the home tour.

Selling something on Craigslist, having Bobby deliver it "on his way to work" and the person not being there...twice. I am not sure $10 is worth the hassle.

Oh, I am sure there are more. Anyone else have a day like this?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Unintentional bad word

Munchkin has the day off of school today so I took the kiddos to meet Bobby for lunch. We went to Amerigos downtown. Yum! I got the artichoke cheese dip for my entree (which everyone else shared of course), the kids got kids spaghetti to share, and Bobby got a sandwich. We love that place but don't get to go very often.

While we were eating we were trying to get Little Man to say "tree". He says "free". Munchkin used to say "shree". We were telling the kids how they used to mispronounce words. Munchkin looked at me and said "I used to say sh***y for kitty" with a great big grin on her face! I started laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. It was all I could do to say "Honey, you used to pronounce it shivvies." She laughed and went "Oh Yeah!!" Bobby was laughing too and we both looked around to see if any one else had heard. It sounded so loud to us but apparently it wasn't as loud as we thought, no one else noticed. Whew!

It was so not the time to go into that's a bad word as she doesn't even know what she said. I am just waiting for her to come home and ask me what certain words mean that she learns on the playground. Hopefully she won't hear any but I know that is completely wishful thinking.

Anyway, we got a good laugh today, hope you did too!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Double Date

Bobby and I have known Ron and Angela for about 6 years. We have had lots of fun with them and love to hang out with them. Last night the 4 of us went on a double date. Munchkin had her first Kindergarten program so we, of course, had to go to that first. Ron got tickets to Bon Jovi and when Angela asked if we could go we jumped at the chance. (Thank you Ron and Angela!! :) )

Daugherty was the opener and did a fantastic job. We missed a few songs at the beginning but got there in plenty of time to see his big radio hits.

Bobby made the comment that the seats were fantastic for old people. And yes, he did mean us! We were in the ticketmaster suite so we had comfy chairs, didn't have to stand the whole time, and could see everything. :) I think by old maybe he meant me...I had to put my glasses on to actually be able to see the stage...

What a cute couple these two are, don't ya think? :)
I had to do an artistic photoshop thing on this one of me and Ang so you can't see how sweaty I really was. I was really shiny!
Check out this stage! Ron was flabbergasted and flummoxed all at the same time. Those 3 screens you can see on the bottom (there is a 4th turned another way) moved around into different formations. At a couple of points they stretched up like miniblinds. It was a really cool effect for one song. Not so much on bad medicine. I didn't like the effect on that song. I said to Bobby that I thought the floor was a screen too but he thought is was just a projection onto the floor....that is until it raised up like in the picture and you could see jon bon jovi huge like that!

There were 2 special guests, Big and Rich and Leann Rimes. Of course the crowd went wild when they came out.

We were so glad that they didn't play all recent music. They played their hits from the 80's and 90's as well. That ROCKED! This was such a fun concert and was such a fun double date!

Bobby and I came home to an empty house. Our kids stayed with a friend from school last night and had their own fun. It was very odd to wake up without the kids jumping in bed with us. Kind of sad. It gave me a glimpse of an emptynest. That will be a difficult transition so I am not going to think about it anymore!

I finished painting the I have to paint the basement and do the dishes. woohoo!

Just a little added bonus, here's me and Angela performing for you!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So much to do, so little time.
We have been so busy the last few days working on the house I have hardly had time to check email, much less blog.
On Monday, my friend Trina, came over to help me work on the front yard. She and I weeded all of my front flower beds and put down 3 big bags of mulch. Mary Claire Crow was coming Tuesday at 4 pm to take a picture of my house for the home tour brochure. So, I needed to have at least the front of the house looking good.
Yesterday I planted some flowers in pots and painted my brand spankin new front door black. I, for one, am not a fan of painting things black as it takes 50 coats to make it look good! It still needs at least one coat but looked ok for the picture.

I had MOPS today...It is my second to last meeting. I have loved being in MOPS for the last 3 years but I this is my last year. The first year I was the Creative Activities Coordinator. Last year I was a Table Leader and this year I have been able to just soak it all in. I really could stay in one more year but we don't know what the next year holds for us. There is an added cost next year also as the budget for childcare was cut. There are a few options for paying for it but since we only have one more year and Little Man may be in Preschool/Mothers Day Out it is one more day he would be away from me. I don't think I am ready to let him go 3 days a week yet!

Today was his first little performance. The kids came in in a little animal parade and his class was supposed to sing a song on the stage. He didn't want to do it so he sat and watched. Silly boy!
He finally climbed up the ladder to the slide at the mall today though! That was a huge step. He climbed more at the playground while Munchkin was at softball practice.

This may be the only season we do softball. It took 15 minutes of Munchkin crying and screaming about not wanting to go to get her into her practice clothes and into the car. Once she was there she had fun but the anticipation is horrible. I am praying it won't be like this for every practice or game. grr.

Bobby was working hard on our backyard when we got home tonight. He got grass seed planted in most of it. There is a little more prep work in one area and then he can plant more seed. Woohoo!

We have discovered our backyard is overrun with caterpillars! Both kids LOVE finding them playing with them. The top of Munchkins outdoor dollhouse has several cocoons already and I am sure there are more on their way. I am thinking we will check on them each day and see when they turn into butterflies!

When I am not too tired to move I will get pictures off the camera so you can see the house, Little Mans performance and of course more softball!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Random 5 am stuff

I should not eat pizza, garlic bread or anything spicy. It doesn't matter that I take prilosec every night before bed, if I eat one of those things I wake up coughing my head off. The darn acid comes up and I choke! Sorry may be TMI for people but it drives me crazy!

Yesterday Little Man and I buried a baby bird in the backyard. We were measuring the backyard to see if we could get sod when I saw a little pink orange thing. I thought it was the kids little jelly frog but it looked weird. So, like any good grownup up I poked it with a stick. As soon as I saw it was a featherless baby bird I could see it was dead. Little Man was very interested but of course I didn't let him touch it. We dug a little hole and put a rock on top. He said "wha else we do?" So we said a little prayer for the baby bird. He was so sweet and seemed so sad for the baby bird.
I am guessing the wind must have knocked it out of the tree. :0(

I had to go to Home Depot twice yesterday. I went with Little Man in the morning to pick up a door knob, a putty knife and grass seed (sod is too expensive). When we got home I tried to put the new blinds up....yeah I measured and thought they were 27 inches. Apparently the day I measured I must have been distracted because I needed 30 inch blinds.

So, after dropping Munchkin, Little Man and Hubby off at softball practice I went to Home Depot by myself! I don't think I have ever been in there by myself!
I returned the door knob (as I only needed a dead bolt) and returned the blinds. I bought 2 new sconces for the front of the house. We are getting a new front door on Monday and we are painting it black so I needed new sconces to put out there with the new door. I got black spraypaint for the mailbox, 3 sets of 30 inch blinds, a deadbolt and 3 big bags of pine nugget mulch. I wouldn't have picked that except a landscaper guy that lives in my neighborhood said it was the best stuff.

Have you seen the show Eli Stone? The season finale was on Wednesday. I loved it! My other favorite as most people know is The Office. If you have not seen this weeks episode go to Hulu and watch it! I just love Jim and Pam! :)

The home tour is coming up May 17. Yeah, we have 29 days to get our house ready...I am kinda freaking out. Yesterday as I was out an about I just felt so anxious. Oh yeah. We are having a picture taken of our house on Tuesday for the tour. So, between now (5:35 am) Saturday and 4 PM Tuesday we need to finish painting the trim on the porch and front windows, paint the new front door black, spray paint the mailbox, paint the porch swing, put away all of the junk on the front porch (paint cans, bubbles, sidewalk chalk), finish weeding all of our flower beds out front, lay mulch, plant some extra flowers (my tulips will probably be dead by then), and get the rest of the moss off of the roof. That may be it.....

Ok, I am going back to bed. My sweet kids will probably be up in half an hour. So, another day with not enough sleep..... woo hoo! :)

Friday, April 18, 2008


Did you feel it?
In my head I thought "this feels like an earthquake" but probably would have slept through it if Bobby hadn't grabbed my leg and said "Is that an earthquake?"
I am up this early because neither of us could go back to sleep. I told him I would check to see if it was a tiny local one or a bigger far away one. Well, it was a 5.4 in Illinois. Check out the map here
Off to check the news and see if the people in Illinois are OK.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Poopy Robot Boy and Fashion Crisis

Bobby and I went to bed at 9:30 last night. We were exhausted! At about 6:45 this morning in came Little Man. Munchkin came in saying that he was stinky. After jumping on us, leading with their knees, singing a few songs and just all around making us laugh Munchkin left to go get dressed. Little Man stood up on the bed and started saying over and over, in a lovely robot voice, "I poopy robot boy, I poopy robot boy!" Bobby and I just laughed and laughed and then I made him get up to change him. :)

Munchkin wore a cute Dora the Explorer spinny dress today. She was so excited to be able to twirl around in it. We went to the air show after church (more on that to come) and had to make a hike to the bathroom. While we were in there Munchkin said "Why did I choose this dress today? It is so hard to go potty in without it getting wet! Oh yeah, I chose it cuz it is just sooo cute!!!" Um...first fashion crisis? What we ladies will do for cute....

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Munchkins first ever scrimmage game was this morning. We got to the field a half an hour early. I am assuming that was so the girls could get warmed up... which was good....because it was freezing. I actually went back to the car for a blanket.

Once we got on the field we realized that none of our girls had ever played softball aside from our 3 practices last week. Munchkin is on a 5 and 6 year old team but most of the girls are 5. The other team had 2 girls that I am sure are pushing 7. Those two did all of the work and all of the other girls just stood around in the field.

Our girls were lucky if they realized a ball had been hit! :)
"Team mom" was doing good for a bit. All of sudden she starts in with "Why is that girl over there? Doesn't she know she isn't supposed to be over there?"
I turned around and said "I am pretty sure she doesn't know where she is supposed to be as they have only had 3 practices. Most of these girls are new to any kind of sport not just softball. And, they are 5 and 6. Plus it is a scrimmage!" I did say all of that with a smile on my face and the best tone I could muster. She looked a little sheepish (not that I was trying to make her feel dumb) when she said that she did need to remember she had been doing this for 20 years and the girls were just learning.

"Troublemaker mom" was back too. I guess she was back on Thursday too but I was at a MOPS Tea party. She pretty much separated herself from everyone else. That is until her little guy pulled out a giant bag of fruit snacks. All of a sudden Little Man and my neighbors boy were his best friends. She came a little closer and I told her that I was not letting the boys eat all of the fruit snacks. She kind of smiled and just said she doesn't come to the field without a snack that can be shared. This woman has been on my heart since my last post. I have prayed for her that if there is some need that I can meet or that our team can meet that we will be able to find ways to do that.

Maybe now that we have had a scrimmage and should be getting our game schedule soon things will settle down. Less Drama! More Fun!!

Now onto the good part!
Bobby helped out in the dugout getting the girls in their lineup to bat.
Munchkin was about 5th up or so. She did great!! I think the giant helmet is making it hard for her to run fast. I have got to go pick up a chin strap! She got to first base just fine. When she ran to second she ran waaaaaayyyy out into the field. I guess she thought "those girls are in my way! I am going around!!" Once she got to third everyone was yelling for her to go on home. The tee was on top of home so she just stood right on top of it. Little Man was cheering his little lungs out for her! It was adorable! :)

I think she liked being out there. Hopefully the games will go a little better than the scrimmage in that the girls will actually learn to catch and throw the ball!


Why am I awake right now? It is 5:22 am on Saturday morning! Munchkin is wrapped cozily in her bed. Little Man and Bobby are wrapped cozily in our bed and here I sit. I woke up with the sun in my eyes which made me happy after the rain yesterday. But then I couldn't go back to sleep. I guess I will go take an uninterrupted shower while everyone stays in dreamland for awhile! Munchkin has her first scrimmage today so maybe I can even make pancakes before everyone wakes up......we'll see...

Friday, April 11, 2008

I should be.....

painting the basement walls
folding a load of laundry
vacuuming the living room
packing some boxes
scrubbing the bathroom.

What am I doing?
snuggling with my son on the couch while he eats lunch and watching the storm come in. On second thought I think I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Potty Training 1,2,3

If only it was that easy!!
Little man has gotten the peepee aspect down! :) He hasn't had an accident in over a week. Unfortunately #2 is not going nearly as well. I think he is afraid it will hurt and doesn't want to sit on the potty.

Bobby got to have the pleasant (and by pleasant I mean heart wrenching, horrible experience) of giving Little Man a suppository. It was not a good experience but he hadn't done his thing in 5 days so he needed it. He finally went and I am going to do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen again. I got some prune juice today and 7-up so maybe he will think he gets to drink die-eh co'! The child eats fruit, blueberries, strawberries, bananas and raisins. least I am seeing a light at the end of the dirty diaper filled tunnel! Woohoo!! :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rusty Nails

I forgot to mention that I stepped on a rusty nail this weekend. No, not once but twice!
My neighbor was out and has just laid sod. I wanted to ask him about it and went out through our back gate. On my way out I stepped on a nail sticking out of a board. I even saw it and thought "We should not let the kids play back here with those rusty nails out here!"
It went right through my crocs flip flops. When I came back through the gate I stepped on it with my other foot. Duh! I didn't even think about a tetnes shot until everything was closed.

After Moms in Touch on Tuesday I went to Walgreen's to get a shot. They don't take me insurance yet so I went to CVS. Because I had a puncture wound they wouldn't see me and sent me off to an urgent care facility. I was trying to avoid paying the big copay for the emergency room and accomplished that by going to the Urgent Care.

The Dr. came in and barely looked at my foot and just told me to come back if it gets inflamed or swollen. So far so good. The EMT came in and gave me my shot. Yeah, my arm still hurts. Apparently though, I have a really high pain tolerance. My feet are not bothering me at all. Several people couldn't believe I was out walking around. They said they would be at home with their feet up. Crazy.

So, it hurt to have a nail stuck in my foot. It did not hurt to have a shot. It does hurt in the aftermath of the shot but my feet don't hurt. I guess I better be a little more careful the next time I go out the back gate!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Softball practice #2

There was a surprising lack of drama at tonight's practice. "Troublemaker mom" didn't show up tonight. Is it bad that I hope she doesn't come back? Her little girl was really sweet but her presence on the field last night made things really tense. Everyone had so much more fun getting to know each other tonight. Even "team mom" backed off a bit.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Yard Sale, Yard Sale

I feel like I need to be on the corner calling out to people to come to our yard sale. We have made about $20 so far this morning. Hopefully more people will come and want to buy the rest of our "stuff". I had one lady get out of her car and I just knew she was the "I will give you this much or I walk" type. I was right. I sold her a cabinet I had marked for $10 for $5. I am such a pushover. Oh well, I bought it for $5 so no loss right? :)

We are hoping to get a lot done on the house today however it is freezing! We were hoping to pressure wash our porch and siding on the addition, till the backyard, take off the lower lever of storm windows, and mow the lawn. I am not sure how much can happen though. It is pretty muddy from all the rain to be mowing and we will freeze doing the pressure washing. Ah, maybe we will just suffer through it and get it done....

OK, I think I am warm enough I better head back out to the yard sale....

Friday, April 04, 2008

So Cool =

Channel 4's new 3D Pinpoint storm tracker!
I have a couple of friends that I know will think it is cool too! It is just cool to be able to see where severe weather is or will be. Are you a weather buff too?

Thursday, April 03, 2008


is the number of accidents Little Man has had today!!
is the number of times Munchkin cried going into school today!!

It has been a good day. :)

Pregnant Man

I am sure this is a hot topic out there in blog land. I just read the quick little story on comcast and had to comment. I cannot understand why this is such a big deal. Yes the guy has facial hair. By all accounts he is still a woman that is pregnant. He stopped taking testosterone 2 years ago. Just because he looks like a man doesn't make him a man. I know the baby will have two parents that will love her but one of my big issues is breast feeding. I am a huge advocate for breastfeeding. I understand there are reasons people can't do it and great reasons to stop in some cases but if you can it is the best thing for your baby. Will he continue making news by trying to breastfeed. Can you breastfeed if all of your glandular material has been removed.

I am interested to hear what you think about this situation.....

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

One Busy Day and 1 Accident

Whew! What a day!
We started off in our normal fashion but quickly escalated to full fledged busy.

Little Man has clicked with the peepee but we are going to have to start working on number 2. We are so excited because he "peepeed in the potty with his wewe" every time he went today! Woohoo!! Of course he did the other deed in his underwear. Ewww.

After doing a load of laundry, unloading and reloading the dishwasher and washing a few more dishes my friend Susan came over to help me prime my basement. (Thanks Susan) It was so fun to hang out with her and have good conversation with a girlfriend! We got almost the entire area I want to paint primed. There were a couple spots neither of us could reach so those are going to Bobby to prime. Little Man played the entire time we were painting.

After picking Munchkin up from school we headed over to PetSmart to pick up a huge bag of dogfood and a new tag for Kelsey. She is going to stay at my friend Jill's house for a couple of months while we are trying to sell our house. Hopefully we will find a place with more space for her when we move.

Ever since we bought our SUV there has been a trick to getting the hatch open. It is most annoying when I have my hands full of groceries. Well, yesterday it decided to just stop opening all together. Bobby couldn't get it open, I couldn't get it open and I got frustrated.
After Petsmart I went to Goodyear to see if one of the guys there might be able to get it open. You should have seen the 4 big guys yanking and pulling on the trunk of my SUV! It was kind of funny. They referred me to Bobby Rays (which always makes me think of Sweet Home Alabama) collision repair. The guy there yanked and pulled and pushed and couldn't get it open. He said I could bring it back Friday, drop it off and he would take the panels off to see if he could fix it. Ding, Ding, Ding!!! Panels

When I got home I let the kids play in the front yard while I got in and took the panels off myself! I managed to get the hatch open but that was about as far as I got. Bobby got home and tried to figure it out. He managed to get it stuck so that it wouldn't close at all. There happened to be a guy across the street that is pretty handy with cars. He helped Bobby get it working again! Woo hoo!
It was important that we get it open because we were taking Kelsey over to Jill's tonight.

We finally got everyone back in the car and took off for Jill's. I think Kelsey is going to love being out there. She was a little upset when we left because we stuck her in the run. Hopefully she will adjust quickly and enjoy being out there. Munchkin was very upset when we left even though she knew that was why we were going out there tonight.

We got home at about 7:45...finally. Now my sweet kiddos are in bed and I am taking a much needed break from the day!