Monday, March 31, 2008

I <3 Spring!

Sorry for the terrible quality, my camera is still in New Jersey being repaired. I just LOVE Spring. I love the new growth and the beautiful flowers. One day I will have a tulip tree in my yard! I took these on the way to jump on our neighbors trampoline today.

Our first tulip of the season!

I Dry! :0)

So, not to jinx it or anything but Little Man has gone peepee in the potty 3 times today. He has the same harley flame underwear on he started the day with. Is this wishful thinking that we will get though the rest of the day in one pair of underwear? :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I am pulling my hair out!

At least this morning I am. The "early" service starts in 3 minutes. That would be 10 am. 3 of us are still in our robes and "Melt in your Mouth" chocolate chip muffins are about to come out of the oven. One person is still in bed due to recording until the wee hours of the morning. I am hoping to make it to the 11:30 service but I haven't even gotten a shower yet!

Why am I pulling my hair out you ask? Because I am tired and that makes me extra grumpy. My children are not listening to me. Everything from get your hair wet in the bath tub to please get dressed before the muffins come out of the oven has been met with protest! Grr.

Little Man is usually complaint and sweet. This morning he is whinier than I have ever heard him. Everything out of his mouth has been with a whiny inflection. In fact I probably sound whiny writing about him being whiny.

After peeing his pants and more whining we did have a bright spot. His pants were not too wet and a few minutes later he peed in the little potty! We did do a little dance for that. He almost gets it..this whole potty training thing...I think. It's like a small light has appeared in the distance that brings with it a whole new world of no diapers!!!

Writing this stuff down is kind of therapeutic for me I think. The muffins are out and on plates. The kids fought over who got to sit on my lap for a few minutes. Little Einsteins came on and it is now quiet. Ahhh. Ok, off to wash my hair since I don't feel like pulling it out anymore.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

How will I be perceived?

As I drove by an antique store today I was struck by an elderly gentleman. He was sitting outside the store on a barrel smoking a cigarette. He looked fairly fit, not too tall and had a pageboy cap on.
I think I noticed him because of the hat. I wondered about him and his life. Was he an artist, a musician, a teacher, a father, a grandfather, an antiques dealer. How did he look at himself in the mirror this morning? Did he pick his hat and think back to the days when he was playing guitar to stadiums full of people. Or did he pick it to cover a balding head.

I often see people and wonder about them. I want to ask questions about their life. I hope that their lives have been full of love and adventure. Of course there is loss for everyone but you always hope there hasn't been too much of that.

Seeing him today made me think of what I will be like around age 70. Will I be active and raring to go? Will I be a couch potato? What will technology look like and will I embrace it?

What will people think when they see me when I am not 30 something mother of preschoolers? I hope they will see a woman of Grace. A woman who is focused on Christ, her family and friends. As someone they want to get to know and not just wonder about my story. Everyone has one, what is yours?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My cat is lost! Edit not anymore

I found her! After bringing Kelsey in from the backyard I took another trip around to look for her. She was under our office. I looked in there twice!

Somehow my kitty cat Bean got out sometime last night or this morning. Bobby saw her when he started the car and she ran and hid somewhere.
We searched and searched, had to go out, and searched some more. I can't find her anywhere!

Please say a prayer that we can find her. She is 10 years old, is declawed in the front and is an indoor only cat!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I say, what a lovely day!

Last year for Mothers Day Bobby gave me a gift card to A Moments Peace Salon and Day Spa. I was very appreciative of the gift but have not had a chance to use it until today. With Munchkin at school and Bobby in the studio the only little one we had to worry about was Little Man. Conveniently Bobby was able to take him to the studio with him and I picked him up when I was done.

I came home feeling like a new woman! A limp, noodle like, totally refreshed woman!

My Mini Spa Day included a 1/2 hour Swedish massage with hot stones, a 1/2 hour facial and a spa manicure. The massage was first and completely relaxed me. After that I went to the little waiting room until the lady came to get me for the facial. I was sitting there in my little wrap and bath robe reading Glamour magazine thinking how nice it was to be treated like a princess!

My favorite part of the facial was the hot towels she placed on my face. All of the different scrubs smelled delicious too!
When we were done she sent me in to get my regular clothes back on and to go back to the little waiting area. To my surprise 2 men were in there. I was glad that I was in my regular clothes because that could have been uncomfortable. The one guy was in there for some kind of wax job. He was petty buff. The other guy I couldn't figure out...maybe he was there for a massage. He had a scruffy musician look to him.

My next stop was for my manicure. The girl did a good job but I was not thrilled with her personality. She swore at least once and told me that she felt like she had been working on my nails for 50 hours. Seriously? I didn't let that get me down though, it was still great!

Now, Mothers Day is coming up in a couple of months....I think I might hope for something similar and use it much quicker this time!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What is this world coming to?

I am up way to late. Bobby is recording tonight with his band. I am not super tired so I am waiting up for Joe who is coming back from Jackson so he has a short drive to the airport in the morning.

There is nothing on TV. Nothing that is except My Big Redneck Wedding. Is this for real? Tom Arnold is hosting, the bride is coming down the aisle on a horse, the groom on an ATV. They are having mud wrestling and mattress surfing at the reception.

Do you know anyone who would actually have a wedding like this? Where do they find these people?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Big Ol' Egg Drop

We are normally a hit every Easter Egg hunt within 30 miles kind of family. The last 2 years we have done the MOPS Easter Egg Hunt along with a couple in our neighborhood. Well, this year the MOPS hunt got called off for rain and we didn't make it to any of the ones in our neighborhood.
A couple of days ago I saw a link on Carries blog for the Big Ol' Egg Drop and thought that would be a fun one to go to.

This morning after cinnamon rolls we headed to Station Camp High School to join the fun. The festivities were supposed to start at 11. We got there about 10:35 and got in the line that was already starting to stretch into the parking lot. The first 100 kids got special Easter Baskets....they ran out about 10 kids ahead of us. But, our kiddos didn't know anything about that so there was no disappointment there. After getting through the gate we went and played a couple of games. Munchkin did her first potato sack race, an egg balancing race (Little Man did that too only he just stood at the start line til the other kids got back), and a Bean Bag Toss. After those we thought we would go see if we knew anyone in line. We were looking for The Soccer Star and her daddy.

We ran into Amy and Denver, Amy L, and saw Leslie from across the way.

When it was finally time to line up I managed to get Munchkin, Little Man and the Soccer Star up by the edge of the track. A bunch of people rushed the field and the coordinators made them all get back to the track. We were waiting for a helicopter to drop 8000 eggs. I wondered how those 8000 eggs were not going to break open and spill their contents.

Munchkin, Little Man and the Soccer Star were so excited to get out there. When it was finally time to go out they ran. Little Man turned around with tears in his eyes because he took off without us and I think he got scared. Munchkin and the Soccer Star were ticked because they each got 1 egg. Yep....1.

My bunco friend Nicole happened to come up behind us and her little guy dropped one of his eggs in Little Mans bucket. That was very sweet because he only had about 4 eggs. (Thanks Nicole!!). Little man was thrilled with his one egg and even more excited when he found out there were smarties inside!

The field cleared really quickly and we stayed out and played freeze tag for a few minutes. That cheered the girls up quite a bit.

Bobby and I both laughed because there were so many eggs on the field and the entire thing was over in about 30 seconds. A guy he works with even told us they had 11,000 eggs out there and it still happened that fast. This was the first time this event has taken place and I am sure they will make a few changes for next year. We had fun though and our kids had fun even getting just 1 egg. :) The best part by far was seeing the Easter bunny in the helicopter that was dropping all of the eggs!

fewer Pictures of the Second

I like to think that I take just as many pictures of Little Man as I do of Munchkin. Recently though I have been looking through thinking, I just don't have as many. Then I realized yesterday at the zoo why. Right now he is going though a phase where he doesn't want his picture taken unless it is on his terms. So many of the pictures I have are of him running toward the camera to get out of the shot or of the top of his head.

My Digi cam is broken for the second time in a year so not pictures until I can get the ones from my film camera developed!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I fweakin owt!

This morning I noticed Little Mans toenails had gotten really long. I had him climb up on my bed so I could trim them. He used to scream and cry and thrash around making it very difficult to trim them. This time though he just said "I fweakin out!" Bobby and I looked at each other like "did you hear what he just said?" We couldn't help but laugh and explained to him that he didn't need to freak out because cutting your toenails is a normal part of life...and it doesn't hurt. :)

Apparently I was asleep when all of that happened. Bobby read my post and said this is not what he said. He said Little Man said "I Not Fweakin Out, I a big boy!!"
That is why we thought it was so cute! In hindsight I think he is right!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I suppose I should be glad......

Little Man is not potty trained yet. No, I don't think it is because I am lazy about the potty training process. I do think it has a lot to do with his sensory issues and not feeling when to "go". I have caught him once when he was starting to go #2 and got him to go in the potty. I did a serious potty dance that day!

The last couple of days he has taken off his diaper in the morning all by himself and even picked out underwear today. On Sunday I forgot to put a pull-up on him and took him to church commando, he waited to pee on the floor until we got home.
So, today he has been in underpants all day. After sitting in the potty for 10-15 minutes he decided he didn't have to go. About two minutes later he came to me sans clothes and handed me his wet pants and Diego underwear.

Pair of underwear #2 was Cars. I tried to get him to go for a loooonnngg time. He cried and cried and didn't go. Maybe 5 minutes later he stood next to the piano and peed again.
We then put on a pull-up because we had to run an errand. It was wet when we got back. Just a little while ago I noticed he was straining so we went to sit on the potty again. We sat for 15 minutes.....nothing. He said he wanted underwear so I sent him upstairs to get some. Munchkin and I heard the ice cream truck so I asked her to run up and help him while I checked to see if the truck was on our street. What to I hear from upstairs?

"EEEEWWWWWW, Little Man has poop in his hand!!!!"
I ran upstairs and sure enough there he was with a giant turd in his hand. Poor baby, no wonder he was straining so hard. I suppose I should be glad he didn't use it as a crayon....

On to Underwear #3 I think they have Harleys on them....

The Leprechauns are Coming!

Yesterday we woke up to Munchkin saying Happy Sant Packtrucks Day!!!! She made sure she wore her leprechaun socks to bed so she wouldn't get pinched by leprechauns in the morning.
Apparently leprechauns are only as big as your thumb and hide in the grass. They visited her school on Friday and messed stuff up while her class was at PE and her teacher was at the office.

They opened one girls umbrella and stuck it in the blocks that they had knocked over. They knocked over some chairs, poured out magnets and got out stuff in centers and didn't even clean it up. The kids all had to clean it up and then had to go search for gold all over the school. The pot of chocolate gold was in their classroom when they got back.

To celebrate we made green pancakes for breakfast and looked for 4 leaf clovers in the yard. Since we didn't find any Munchkin wants to make them for good luck.

Do you remember celebrating St. Patricks Day when you were a kid. Everyone pinched each other of you weren't wearing green. Bobbys brother said they would wear the least amount of green they could so when someone pinched them they could hit them back. Nice...

We had a fun Sant Packtrucks about you?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gigi's Cupcakes Nashville

After much anticipation we finally got to have cupcakes at Gigi's in Nashville. The first time we went it was not open yet. The second time we drove past I was in a stupor from my endoscopy and they still weren't least that is what Bobby tells me.This time I called first.

We managed to get our huge SUV into a spot in the teeny parking lot. It was never full when Off the Grill was there....I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised to see the lot was full.

This first pic was actually after we were done. I was getting dirty looks from someone trying to get out of the parking lot...
When we walked into the store it of course smelled so yummy! The kid cake was the first one spotted by all of the kids. Only 1 of them decided that was the one they wanted though. Munchkin went for a milk chocolate cupcake, our drummers little guy got wedding cake and I got Midnight Magic. Munchkin went to town and ate almost all of hers. Little Man ate the worm off of his and a few bites of frosting and drummer boy ate about 1 bite of frosting.

Kid Cake

Midnight Magic

I am sure all of the cupcakes were delicious and I loved mine but we missed out on some of the other flavors that were available in the morning. If we had been there early enough there was some kind of princess cupcake and a Raspberry Buckle cupcake. The Midnight Magic was chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips with that huge amount of frosting and more chocolate chips. Yep, a chocolate lovers dream!

Munchkin with her Milk Chocolate cupcake

Little Man with his Kid Cake. He didn't want to wait to have his picture taken with it.

This is Gigi herself! You can find out more about her on her website. She was very sweet and came out to talk to the kids. She even took each of their pictures with their cupcakes to put on the wall.
There was not a break in customers while we were there. Even though the parking lot is small it is an ingenious location! Within walking distance from Vandy she will not be in short supply of customers, that is for sure!

If you are downtown give Gigi's Cupcakes a swirl! You will be glad you did!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I got that Joy, Joy Joy Joy

down in my heart..... Are you singing it in your head? Ha! It will be there all day long!

Yesterday I was feeling pretty down. Mostly because I saw myself on video and couldn't believe how I looked. Yes, I know I need to lose a few pounds...or 60. But, when I look in the mirror at my house I don't think I look that bad. I suppose it was seeing myself next to my skinny mini friends that all think they need to lose another 10 or so. If they need to lose another 10 what do they think of me when they look at me? My mind can go to all kinds of places and it goes back to pleasing others instead of God.

I have been robbed of my joy long enough. Yes, I need to get on track with some kind of program because I have not been treating "the temple" very well. But, I really want to focus on being joyful always and in all circumstances. Before we moved to Tennessee I had a friend who said to me "I am tired of listening to you complain about being fat, do something about it!" I was really offended for about 6 hours and then got over it. She was a good friend who kicked me in the butt to get moving. No one had ever said that to me before. So, I am listening to her voice in my head now as I am starting over not just on a diet but in reclaiming my Joy in the Lord. No one is going to do it for me.

That is all, I have just been having a pity party the last few day and it is time to come out of the funk!

If anyone wants to join me in some kind of program I would love to get together with you!


Which is better?
To wear white Nike's or brown American Eagle Tennis shoes with black straight cords and a grey tshirt?

Comment away and I will check back later to see if I have committed the ultimate fashion faux pax

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


This is my 500th blog post and all you get is this silly cartoon. Check out my new specs!
Oh, and Munchkin says hi.

Let's Talk TV

Are you addicted to the TV? When and what do you watch?
I pretty much don't watch tv during the day. There is too much junk on that I don't want the kids to see. If we have it on it is either on Disney, PBS, or Noggin. Little Man LOVES SuperWhy and Little Einsteins.

I usually let Munchkin watch a little after school too so she can rest for a bit. Curious George and Maya and Miguel are around that time.

Our big time to watch is after the kids go to bed. There have been a lot of new shows out lately that Bobby and I have wanted to check out but of course they are on at the same time. Yeah for the DVR!

2 shows I wanted to comment on are Oprahs Big Give and Tracy Golds Secret Life of a Soccer Mom.

Oprahs show is pretty good. It always feels good to see people get help. I just don't like that it is a competition. Drew Barrymore was on Oprah the next day (DVR'd to watch later) and gave a million dollars to the World Food Bank. I know that stuff like this is supposed to inspire others to give big and help the world. As much as I want to give to the world I guess I am having a hard time when I know that kids that go to Munchkins school don't get enough to eat here in our little affluent community in Tennessee. I know that even some of the poorest people in the US are rich by the worlds standards but that still doesn't make them able to buy food here, or put a roof over there head here. When there is a question on the Kindergarten registration form that asks "Do you live under a bridge or in a bus station?" you know it is an issue. All that to say Oprahs show is a good one but I don't like the people being judged on how well they gave.

The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom. What a weird show this was. The opening show was about a woman who went to college to be a fashion designer. They throw her into a job designing 3 dresses in 3 days and show the incompetent husband at home with the kids. The dialogue was awkward (which with no writers I guess is to be expected), the people she was working with seemed shallow and totally unhelpful. Maybe that is what the fashion industry is like but it didn't come across well on tv. At the end of show they brought the family in and she told them she had lied to them and she had a secret life. She told her 3 daughter that she didn't regret staying home with them but that this was what was missing. One of the daughters was adopted but they didn't give any back story on that. The mom said the adopted daughter had some issues but didn't go into any details. I guess it just made it hard to connect to the characters.

As a stay at home mom it seems like a fun show to watch and think about. I think it missed the mark though. I don't know maybe others will like this show and maybe it will get better in future episodes but I just didn't really like it. Many times I think about when I have to go back to work. It is not an if it is when. I would like to do something in my field but to be thrown into it with people who look like they have eaten sour grapes and are judging you from the second you walk in doesn't seem fair.

Anyway, those are the 2 shows I wanted to comment on. I can't wait for the return of The Office and Greys Anatomy. Come on April!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What a tease!!!

Spring that is. We so enjoyed this weekend. For it to be sleety and freezing again is NOT my happy place!