Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Whispers: Have you heard them? Not the kind that carry malice or hurt. I am talking about the kind of whispers you know are from God.
The link above will take you to LifeChurch to a message by Bill Hybels talking about this very thing.
You might think I am a nut but I have heard God speak to me. It was a nudge, a whisper. On one occasion I listened. I heard pray for a particular friend right now. When I got home I had a message from her on my voicemail. On another I ignored the whisper. There was a bakery that had opened near us and I had finally gone to check it out. There was a closed sign on the door and a woman sitting in her car weeping. I heard "speak to her". But, not wanting to upset her even more I ignored the whisper and drove away. A few days later when we drove by again the front window was boarded up where it looked like a mini van had driven through. I don't know that that is what happened but I also don't know what happened to that woman. I regret not listening to the voice of God in my ear that day.

If you are not a believer you may think that is just you being a good person or a coincidence. I want you to know it is God speaking to your heart. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit is an amazing thing. I feel like I used to be so much more receptive to listening to Him. Lately I am so caught up in everything falling apart around us it is hard to be quiet and listen. Maybe that is why I am at my new job. It has given me a lot of time to be quiet and listen. I pray that I will hear the whisper when God speaks to me and I will not ignore it.

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  1. Jewelz9:51 AM

    I too hear God whispering to me. A little while back, He whispered to me that I needed to go to a particular Goodwill. The Goodwill was a LONG way from where I was at the moment and not anywhere near my home(to which I was headed). I drove through two more intersections arguing with myself that it really wasn't God talking to me. When I came to the third intersection, it turned red right as it was my turn to go. I said (out loud) OK! I'll GO!!!!!

    I finally got to that Goodwill and after looking around didn't find a single thing (sometimes God tells to me to go to certain places because He has something I've been needing waiting for me there).

    One thing did happen though. As I was going down one aisle, looking at stuff, an employee needed to get by. I backed up, smiled at him and said that I was sorry for being in his way. He looked at me with total astonishment, stammered that it was ok, then with a huge smile told me to have a nice day.

    I'm pretty sure that almost no one ever told that man hello much less said "excuse me and I'm sorry". He needed a shower rather badly but the smile on his face was brilliant. I really think God just wanted to make this man's day a little brighter and He chose to use me to do it.

    Sorry this reply is so long but it's very refreshing to hear someone else say they hear God whisper.

    Love you Karen and miss you and your family a great deal.