Tuesday, December 02, 2008

There is a Mouse in my House!!

And no, you have not just stepped into a Dr. Seuss story. There is a little gray mouse in my house and we can't find the dang thing! We think it was hiding under my scrapbook stuff...how it got in we don't know.

Bobby and I are like two of the stooges trying to catch it. We each have a blue plastic bowl to trap it under. He actually almost caught it except that it was half trapped under his bowl. The poor little mouse was squeaking his little lungs out probably seeing his life flash before his eyes....
That would be before I tried to help by putting my bowl down. After smashing our heads together Bobby and I lost the mouse again. It ran under our entertainment center. We moved it out from the wall and saw it again. Bobby swept a giant amount of dog hair out from behind there and we lost the mouse again. The dog is useless and has no idea we are looking for a living creature.
Maybe our cat will catch it tonight...


  1. If Y'all's cat is like ours, good luck!

  2. She is 10 years old so we'll see. The dumb dog ate the trap we put out last night!

  3. I hope it wasn't a glue trap! Although that could stop Kelsey from any barking.

  4. At night just before bedtime and after the dog is caged, use a regular mouse trap with either peanut butter or Tillamook cheese. Make sure the trap is out of sight but with enough room to spring, has string tied between it and a piece of wood. Check it in the morning. If not successful, leave it another day. If still no mouse, move it to the next logical place. Over the years, we have had many mice under our sink. there are a lot of notches on that trap now.

  5. I hated when we got a mouse in our house a few years back!! I could not go to sleep, even after we caught it! I was afraid there were more in the house!! I hope your cat caught it!!