Thursday, December 18, 2008


Both of my kiddos have Christmas parties at school today and i have the day off! Somehow I managed to get signed up for cupcakes in both of their classes. So wanting to be creative I made these guys. Now, I totally cheated. I was planning on making everything from scratch but I was just too dang tired. So I resorted to running to walmart last night and getting premade cupcakes. I did however put all of the little snowmen together.
This was my first attempt. Yeah, after he fell over 5 seconds after I finished him I decided the rest were only going to have 1 marshmallow. It looks a little like the rest of my snowman army killed him.

At least they are happy about it. Hopefully all the kids will like these! :)


  1. julie7:58 AM

    So cute!! I'm sure all the kiddos will LOVE them!

  2. Too cute! What did you use for the hats and noses?

  3. We had a good laugh over your cute snowmen. Love it.

  4. Those are AWESOME! They do look like a little smowman army... don't make 'em mad! :)