Monday, December 22, 2008

Party Crashers (Party #5)

Our 5th and final party of the weekend (well if you don't count seeing the Steelers getting stomped at a Steelers fans house) was my work party. It was downtown Nashville at the SunTrust building. The directions were easy enough. Bobby knew just where the building was so we were all set. I was worried about what to wear but Angela let me borrow the beautiful outfit and Jenn let me borrow some beautiful jewelry!

When we got to the SunTrust building there was special event parking. We didn't have cash on us and had planned on using our debit card to pay when we left. The guy taking the money told us we could park and go upstairs to get money from the ATM. When we said we were going to the party he said "Oh!!! Well then your parking is free! Go on in!!" That should have been my first clue since I was pretty sure we were supposed to pay for parking. We got up to the security desk and asked if the party was upstairs. He said yes and to hit P for penthouse on the 13th floor. Another little red flag went off in my head as I was pretty sure the party was supposed to be on the 20th floor.

We rode up in the mirrored elevator and got off to a lovely party. As soon as we walked in I told Bobby I didn't recognize even one person there. Not to mention everyone at this party was dressed in black tie attire. We were greeted by a woman covered in rhinestones who asked us our names. When we told her and asked if this was the party we were supposed to be at she said "Oh, no this is (enter fancy party name here)!" She kind of took me by the elbow and continued to talk to us as she was escorting us toward the elevator. I said maybe we were supposed to be on the other side of the building. To this she replied "Oh, I don't think so, we have the entire floor!" She pushed the elevator button for us and waited until we got on before turning to leave!!!

When we got back downstairs the security guard told us the other SunTrust building on 4th Avenue was 2 blocks up. We could see it from the lobby. He did tell us we could move the car and go park there. Of course since we had free parking there we decided to just take a little walk. It wasn't terribly cold and had stopped raining. Of course when we got to the other building and walked into the lobby we were met by more security guards who informed us our party was next door.

After tromping through the alley with the giant dumpster we finally made it to the building with the Nashville City Club. Bobby likened the sitting room to Denny Cranes private club on Boston Legal. Even after going to 2 wrong buildings we were still about the 5th people at the party.

We had about 5 different people take pictures of us with my camera and every single one of them turned out blurry. Either my camera doesn't like to take pictures in low light or it thinks I REALLY need a soft focus lens....

Bobby and I got some food and sat down at a table in the back. As the new girl no one came to sit with us. We finally moved when my boss and a couple of other people sat down. I almost but not quite worked up my nerve to do Karaoke. There were a couple of people that did really good and one lady who made me think of Cameron Diaz in My Best Friends wedding. Yes, it was that bad. I kind of regret not doing it...maybe next time.

The food was great and we needed the walk back to the car to work it off. Have you ever seen a mashed Potato Martini? I thought that was a very creative way to have a potato bar! It was a little bit loud for getting to know people but it was a fun party anyway. I danced to a couple of songs with some of the other girls but took my leave of the dance floor when they played the Single Ladies song. Cuz, ya know, I'm not single! :) Maybe next time I will read the directions and not get escorted out of a party that we accidentally crashed!

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  1. You have had some good parties to attend. I really like the story of party #5. What an adventure that was! I remember the classroom parties. Those were always so much fun. Enjoy those while you can. Y'all have a Merry Christmas!