Friday, December 12, 2008

No snow Day for Me.

Last night at about 9:30 our phone rang. It was our school district informing us of our snow day. Normally this would not be an issue except that I now work full time. Bobby was thrilled though because he can now work from home sometimes. This does not help all the time but for today it works out great. The other issue is.....there is no snow. I take that back, once I got about 2 miles from our house there was a dusting.

Last night right before I left work there was a lot of snow. I work up on a hill and apparently the slight rise in elevation was enough for us to get snow there but not at our house. We are in a weird little pocket anyway. It is always 68 degrees.....always.

So, even though I don't get a snow day, I still kinda got a snow day. I didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn to get everyone ready. I was able to make blueberry muffins, got a shower, did my hair. I get to wear jeans to work on Fridays and I get to see my hubby and kiddos at lunch today.

A couple of other random thoughts for the day:

-White chocolate popcorn is delicious and super easy to make. My incredibly organized sister in law with 6 kids taught me how over Thanksgiving.

-Tomorrow is Bobby and my 11Th anniversary. We are celebrating by taking the kids to the Cheesecake Factory and then going to buy work pant for the two of us. The traditional 11Th anniversary gift is steel. So. we are hoping that the pants we find will be a "steel"! And we are "steeling" ourselves for trying on pants.... We will use stainless "steel" silverware at the Cheesecake factory. :) Silly I know. We went on a big trip last year for our 10Th anniversary so this one is a lot more low key.

-Anyone know where to buy an inexpensive cocktail dress? My work party is next Saturday and I have to wear something "downtown chic". Since my wardrobe for the last 6 years has consisted of a jeans and tshirt I am little behind on the fashion train.

-13 days until Christmas. Yeah....I have a few things ready for family but nothing is shipped yet. I haven't even written our Christmas letter yet. Guess I better get on that huh?

OK, back to work. I have already done attendance, straightening, opening rooms and a few other odds and ends. Now onto making phone calls.


  1. For your party...get you some black pants, a shiny top and wear heels. You'll be comfortable and look great!

  2. Jewelz8:00 AM

    I've had good luck finding cocktail-type dresses at Ross. Jes found one for me for a cruise years back for $8.00! My friend Monica found one last year for $24.00. She had a ton to pick from. If that doesn't work, Mashalls and TJMaxx also usually have a pretty good selection to choose from.

    Have fun buying the new clothes. (I think with every year I grow older, it gets less and less fun to try on clothes!!!)

  3. Anonymous10:34 PM

    I just got a gorgeous dress @ Ann Taylor Loft... originally over $100, but was discounted and then this weekend they were having 40% off reduced items so it came out to like $40 for a fancy silk dress. Best of luck.