Monday, December 08, 2008

Neglected Blogosphere

Oh my dear neglected blogosphere and my 2 faithful readers. I am sorry for not being a better blogger. Life has overcome us so I have let you slide.
Work is going well. Busy but not difficult.
Little Man loves preschool. No more tears from him.
Munchkin has been extra cuddly. That sometimes means she is getting sick. Of course, maybe she just misses me.... A mommy can hope right?
Bobby is adjusting to the new schedule. I love that he can pick up our kiddos from school and gets to spend the time with them that he didn't get before.
Kelsey is relegated to her kennel during the day so she is super excited to see us in the evenings. She has taken to laying with her bum against the space heater...I wondered where the bald patch back there came from.
Bean is staying where it is warm at all times, mostly the upstairs bathroom.
The mouse hasn't been caught yet...maybe it escaped back outside.
I am hoping to have pictures of my lovely Linzer Sables for you dear readers tomorrow. Of course I am working until 10 tonight so that may not happen. I was also hoping to make Buttery Jam Cookies tonight but that will only happen if I stay up until midnight. I am not sure I am that dedicated.
Good night dear blogosphere, hopefully I will be a better blogger in the near future.


  1. Jewelz10:11 AM

    Hey Karen! I so know what it feels like to love to blog and not have the time and energy to do it. I usually only get about half of what I want to blog actually written.

    I read your blog once a week at the least and once a day when things are normal. I know what it feels like to think that know one reads your blog. But if the rest of the world is like me (ha...what are the chances of that!) I imagine you have MANY readers. However, being a reader and a "COMMENTER" are definitely two different things!

    If you feel comfortable putting the it "out there", what do you do at your new work?

  2. hey, you've got more than 2 readers! been praying things get better for you guys.