Monday, December 29, 2008

A Mouse Adventure

Once upon a time two grown-ups said in unison "I SAW IT!!!" A little Munchkin voice said "I saw it too!!!"

The grow-ups jumped off the couch to chase the little mouse they had just seen scurry across the kitchen. The were followed closely by a Munchkin, a Little Man and a giant dog.

The grown-ups checked near the dishwasher but saw no evidence of a mouse. The only thing there was an untouched mouse trap. The mommy grown-up pulled the refrigerator out from the wall while the daddy grown-up stood on a chair (just kidding, but that would funny!).

The terrified mouse ran down into the cold air return and huddled there hoping to disappear from view.

The mommy was dismayed to find not one but 2 little mice in the register. She smacked the register with a Capri Sun box and one of the little mice ran out of the register.
The German Shepherd jumped over the mommy grown-up and caught the mouse in her mouth. The silly dog dropped the mouse, caught it again and dropped it setting it free.

The little mouse that was spotted first had disappeared under the returns filter. The mommy grown-up removed the grate and the filter and wondered where the little mouse could have gone.

All of a sudden the mommy spotted a skinny little tail sticking out of a tiny hole. She instructed the Munchkin to grab the tongs which was done quickly. She pulled the little mouse out of the hole, with the tongs, by the tail and safely deposited it in the Capri Sun box. The daddy grown-up told her to kill it but the mommy had so much compassion for it that they decided to take it to a park and release it. Actually, the mommy was so grossed out by the thought of stomping on a poor little mouse she took it to a neighbors house who suggested releasing it at a park. That way if it died it wouldn't be her fault.

The family climbed into the car to go to church carrying the Capri Sun box with them. On their way they stopped at a local park to release the captive. The children were excited to see the little mouse scurry out of the box and into a tree. They were pretty sure though that it was the mouse the dog had chewed on as it limped away rather than scurrying.

Now....onto the other mouse. Hopefully the grown-ups will be able to find it and dispose of it soon! Stay tuned for pictures from the park.

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