Friday, December 19, 2008

Lives Touched

Today was kind of a crazy day at work. There was a temp in so that I could go to a campus wide staff meeting and training. The Directors were supposed to make breakfast for everyone so it was catered and delicious. Mental note: get the recipe for scrambled eggs with fontina cheese and chives.

After all of the training we went up to the Student Resource Center to do a dedication. The woman to which the center was being dedicated had cancer. From what I understood she found out about a year ago and kept on working. The people here set up a desk for her in an easily accessible area and she continued coming to work until she just couldn't do it anymore. Apparently she lost her battle a few months ago and it really took its toll. People here brought meals to her family while she was still sick and continued to be a support to her family after she passed. This was a woman that was well loved.

I do not know what her relationship with God was. Was she a Christian? Meeting her family I think she might have been but I have no idea. I do know that her family that was here today were touched and said that the people in her life had been a blessing. Is that just a southern thing? Looking around the room also you could see how many people this woman's life had touched. One lady said that she had learned so much about life, love, health and pain from this woman. The tears were in everyones eyes.

A few minutes ago a woman came down that had been in the center when everyone came in for the dedication. She was exhausted but when she saw how many lives had been touched just in our little school she was amazed. She had been asking God why He sent her to school today and she really felt like it was because she needed to be there.

You touch peoples lives every day. Are they being encouraged and lifted up. Are you showing Gods love to others or are you just going through the motions. These are questions I have to ask myself. Relationships matter. Touch a life today!


  1. Great post Karen

  2. Yes, we must remember that we are always touching someone's life, whether it be in a positive or negative way. Even though you did not know that woman, you saw what an impression she made on others. She is still working after death. I hope she was a Christian too.