Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Here I am on day 3.5 of my new job. Not a bad gig so far. The hardest things for me has been leaving my little guy all day long. The transition to Kindergarten was hard for me with my Munchkin but 1st grade has been a breeze. It helps that she loves it.

Little man is hanging out with a good friend of mine this week and he is doing fantastic. She even took him to school with her yesterday to help out so he got to have lunch with Munchkin. I was happy about that.

Next week is Thanksgiving break. That will all be good family time for us and then Little Man will start preschool the following week. That I am not looking forward to. I think he will love it after a few days but those first few days are going to be hard on me. When we checked it out one of his favorite things was the little kitchen. He misses ours so he immediately started trying to cook when he saw it.

I didn't cry after dropping Little man off this morning so I guess that is a step in the right direction. 2 more days to the weekend and an entire week of hanging out with both of my sweet kiddos and my sweet hubby!

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