Thursday, November 27, 2008

{TWD} Twofer Pie

Thank you to Vibi from La casserole carree for choosing this lovely Thanksgiving pie. I do not like pumpkin pie or pecan pie so I am not sure how it will taste. I hope that everyone will taste it and like it.
This came together easily and quickly. I left my hand dandy food processor at home so I mixed the pumpkin ingredients by hand. My sister in law sprinkled on the pecans and then we poured on the pecan topping. I will admit I cheated a tiny bit and used a frozen pie crust. There is just too much activity in the house we are at to be in the kitchen long enough to make a pie crust.

The pie took a little extra time to bake but passed the knife test and came out clean. I cut it to take pictures and found it was a little mushy. Hopefully after sitting in the fridge all night chilling it will be good for dessert.

If everyone likes this pie I will definitely make it again!


  1. I hope people liked the pie - it looks wonderful! Lucky you to have help making it too.

  2. Looks fabulous and I'm sure it tasted wonderful!