Tuesday, November 18, 2008

{TWD} Rice Pudding? Nope Snickery Squares

There are few things that do not pass my lips. Cottage Cheese, flan and mushrooms are on that list as well as rice pudding. I don't care how much chocolate goes in it, I just couldn't do it.

The recipe that drew me to Tuesdays with Dorie was the Snickery Squares. While using Stumbleupon I came across the recipe for it and had to try it. Well, I burned out the motor on my blender trying to make them and had to wait until I could get a food processor. Then I had to try and find Dulce de Leche. I finally found some at Walmart in the Mexican food section.

I have tons of pictures but of course don't actually have them here so they will have to be posted later. One of my favorite parts of making these was making the sugared peanuts that go in them. I think I should have used more of them in the recipe except Bobby and I ate half of them before they could get into the pan. He was under the impression I made those extra so when he came and got a bowl to grab a bunch more I had to slap his hand! :)

I will definitely make these again. I used semisweet chocolate though and will probably use dark the next time.

If you haven't tried these, they are a must!!
Sorry about not doing rice pudding this week, I just couldn't do it.


  1. Rice pudding really is one of those desserts that people seem to feel passionate about one way or the other. I liked it, but I'd choose the snickery squares over it any day of the week. I've been dying to make them! Glad that you liked them!

  2. You didn't miss a thing!

    Rice pudding...ewwwwwwwwww!

  3. I am yet to make the snickery squares, but I will try them someday! And you didn't miss too much with the pudding... it was just okay.

  4. Karen,
    thanks for stopping by .... I certainly appreciate your sweet words. I love that you made something you love instead. Good Fun and ya gotta love a husband who thinks you just must have made those special for him. Happy Baking

  5. Yum! That's one of the few I haven't made so far and I'm dying to make them. Can't wait to see the pictures!

  6. This is on my list of things to make! Glad you liked them!