Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tennessee Fall

I love fall in Tennessee. I love the colors and the crisp air. And, I have been loving that it is not terribly cold yet. Our neighbors tree looks like it is on fire right now and I love it. In a few weeks that tree will be totally naked. Every year this beautiful tree turns bright yellow and overnight every leaf is on the ground. It makes great piles of leaves for jumping in and playing leaf monster.
Up the street from up there is a sugar maple that is on its way to a beautiful red. Our silver maple is starting to turn yellow. All through our neighborhood fall is making itself known with amazing technicolor.

Every year about this time I think about a book I had when I was a little girl. It was called "The Fall of Freddy the Leaf". I think it may have been a book about death but I remember it being all about the life cycle of Freddy. Now that I think about it I think I will see if I can find it for my kids.

I love fall. I am ready for hot chocolate and gloves.
Do you like fall as much as I do?


  1. Fall is my favorite time of year too. The Fall of Freddie the Leaf is by Leo Buscalia. I may still have it and if I do, I'll send it to you.
    Love ya,

  2. oh Karen, does this mean we've turned a Cali girl into a southern girl?!?! I love Fall too...can't imagine being anywhere else this time of year...the colors are just plain GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Making me jealous, since we have snow on the ground and all of our leaves are gone.

  4. I miss the Tennessee fall so much. We don't get the changing of leaves like that here in TX. I wrote about Fall too on my blog.

  5. Mom - I would love that book if you have it.

    Sarah - I guess I can be a Tennessee girl in the fall...summer, you can forget it! :)

    Kim - Keep thinking about next year when you will be back in the lower 48.

    Montee - I will come check out your post! :)

  6. Ok this made me cry and Matt and i were just talking about this today, the leaves don't turn colors down here in Texas, makes me miss TN.

  7. Anonymous6:04 AM

    So Beautiful!!!!

  8. I love Fall! Its my favorite time of the year. It seems like though with each passing year we have less and less of Fall here in Middle TN. It goes from burning hot to freezing with not enough cool crisp temp days in between.