Friday, November 07, 2008


A few weeks ago Munchkin brought home a paper describing her sunflower that she had planted. The pictures she had drawn were details of beginning, middle and end. She fully expected to have a sunflower when her little plant bloomed. Well, she brought home her little seedling and Bobby and I both had passing thoughts that the leaves didn't look quite right for a sunflower. The seed taped to the outside of the cup was right so we didn't really question it until the leaves started to wind their way up the window. Hm....kind of like a bean plant....weird.

The plant started to flower and our thoughts were confirmed when peas started sprouting from Munchkins "sunflower".

Munchkin had lovingly watered her plant and made sure it was in the sun. So, when we told her we didn't think it was a sunflower she was furious! She said "PEAS CANNOT GROW FROM A SUNFLOWER SEED!!!!!"

We explained that the seed probably got mixed up after they were planted and she insisted that they couldn't have. Well apparently they did as we now have peas growing on our kitchen windowsill. Maybe we should try to grow more things accidentally, then I won't kill them.

It took Munchkin a few days to get used to the idea that she had peas instead of a beautiful sunflower but now she is quite proud of her surprise peas.


  1. Those are beautiful peas!

  2. Are you sure it's a pea? It looks like a Kentucky Wonder pole bean.

  3. When I talked to her teacher she said "Oh, she must have planted the pea."

  4. Yup sure looks like the beans that grew in my garden in Washington :-)

  5. Having planted both peas and beans in my garden in the past, they are definitely pole beans not peas (and definitely not a sunflower!)

  6. Ok, ok!!! They are beans! I don't know why the teacher said she planted a pea.