Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Party

Day one of the job went without a hitch. I felt a little invisible for a while but I think people thought I was a temp. It was a weird day to start as it was University of Phoenix's very first ever Homecoming. My new boss had been painting and running around all day and the girl I am replacing was chomping at the bit to leave.

After completing paperwork so I can have access to all of the fun computer systems I was left to fend for myself. Fridays, I am told, are typically really slow as there are no classes on campus that day. I answered the phone about 4 times and had 2 people walk in. Within twenty minutes of sitting at the desk I had familiarized myself with the phone list and who does what in which department. I had also gone through every cabinet, and had changed the ink cartridge in the laser jet printer.

A few people came by to say hello and to tell me what they do. Everyone seems nice. Interesting though how you can read people sometimes....first impressions are important. I did meet one guy who worked with a guy in Chicago that I had worked with in California. Weird!

When a couple of girls brought balloons to my desk I thanked them for having such a nice party for my first day. They laughed and said they were good like that.

The Alumni event was taking place on the fifth floor. I took the glass elevator up and enjoyed rosemary and lemon chicken skewers, meatballs, fruit and brucestta. There was an open bar but I stuck to trusty Sparkling Apple Cider. Martinellis is my favorite!

After hearing a State Senator and the Vice President of the school speak I left and went to LifeGroup.
I think my transition into the job will not be difficult. The difficult transition will be putting Little Man in preschool.

Not a bad first day.


  1. i'm glad it went well! I was thinking about you!!

  2. So glad it went well, Karen!

  3. Glad the first day went well. Nice to start on a party day! Hope the first full week goes just as well. I'll be praying for it!