Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween 08

I love the anticipation of Halloween. I love the dressing up, seeing others costumes, taking the kids trick or treating and handing out candy...or watching my kids hand it out! It is just fun! Kids get to dress up all the time so when I have an excuse to do it too I am all about it!

There was some debate about what we were going to dress up as this year. We thought we would all go in a theme but the kids kind of had their minds made up about what they wanted to be. Munchkin had her mind set on Strawberry Shortcake and Little Man said over and over that he wanted to be Super Why!

Bobbys brother Joe came out for work a couple of months ago and mentioned that they wanted to get Bobby and In-N-Out costume to wear for the big night. Later he didn't think it was going to happen so Bobby was going to have to go as the Burger King again. But, Joe and Rox came through with a very fun costume! Bobby got several comments from people as we walked through the neighborhood and we even had one guy tell us he knows the guy that wrote the In-N-Out jingle! :)

I was pretty proud of my effort in making Little Mans costume. You are supposed to be able to buy a Super Why costume for around $20 but all of the ebay people bought them out and were selling them for $50 on ebay. I had no intention of spending that much money on a costume. So, the pants are half of a set of pj's from walmart, the shirt was $1.50 on sale at Joanns. I think the fabric and ribbon for the belt and cape cost around $4. He needed new underwear anyway so those don't really count toward the cost and he get's to wear them again..under his clothes, and his mask was $.25 at Walgreens. So his costume cost under $10. Oh yea, and I made the Super Why book out of scrap paper from my scrapbooking supplies. Now I have a built in scrapbook page embellishment! :)
Before Trick-or-Treating we let the kids take turns taking pictures of us. These two were obviously taken by Little Man.

This one was taken by Munchkin. Looks like I have a couple of budding photographers on my hands!

A few minutes before we got ready to go I got a phone call from Optimus Prime here wondering if we would go trick or treating with him. I of course said yes because it is always more fun to go trick or treating with friends!Optimus Primes mom the Wicked Witch came with us too. It was so funny though when he looked at her. His first question was "Mom? Did you lose a tooth?"
Here is flying Super Why:
And of course each of the kiddos with their favorite In-N-Out employee! :)

I was supposed to be a vampire but the teeth were uncomfortable. So I guess I was just a queen. :) Much fun was had by all. Now Bobby and I have to go through all of the kids candy to make sure it is safe......and pick out our favorites of course!


Heather said...

I LOVE that you and Bobby dress up!
I love dressing up to but for whatever reason never do it, I need to start! Emma kept asking me what we were going to be and I said a mommy. Love the kids costumes too, your little man looks too cute!! I love the wig on bethany!!

Susan said...

You guys look great! I LOVE the kids costume. Your little girl makes a wonderful Strawberry Shortcake!

Heinzfeet said...

Where did you get the Strawberry Shortcake costume?? That is AWESOME! You guys look great!

Karen said...

Thanks ladies!! We got the Strawberry Shortcake costume at the Party store in Hendersonville...the new one not the one going out of business. We got the wig at the one going out of business. :)

julie said...

I want an IN-N-OUT burger!!! Now!!!!! Darn it! I swear I can smell them. And oh...the french fries.

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