Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

I voted, did you? I am not a fan of politics. It makes people crazy! I am not a huge fan of either candidate but chose the one I did with a lot of thought and a lot of prayer. I am one of those swing voters out there that could have gone either way. I come from a line of Republicans but I resonate deeply with some of the Democrats arguments. I believe people should have the right to health care...we are paying around $600 a month out of pocket for health insurance and it is practically bankrupting us. But, we choose to get it. It would be nice if it was provided but I also don't want to die waiting for a surgery. I agreed more with the Republicans than the Democrats so that is the way my vote fell.
I hate discussing politics as there are so many more smart well spoken people you can talk to about it. Half the time I feel like I have no right to an opinion because I will be blasted by certain people that think they have it all figured out. But, it is my right to vote and I did that today. I thank God for the country I live in that I actually get to vote for the next President of the United States. Will it make a difference? I guess we will see tonight!


  1. I'm right there with you (not being a fan of politics)--although my family swings the other way and being Black, there are alot of people who think I vote or should vote a certain way. I hate politics. But I am bummed right now. I married into a very political family, sans one brother-in-law, he's pretty much like me. So 7 of the 8 siblings, including my husband are going to be bummed or are already bummed.

    Not that this has anything to do with what you wrote, I'm just up late enough to know that the President Elect and I share a birthday--is it stupid that that makes me really angry? LOL!

  2. Thanks for the comment Patrice. All we can do is pray for our President elect that he will lead the best way he can. :) That is funny that you share a birthday with Obama! Or funny that you know that!

  3. You're right. Although until proven otherwise, I have my guard up. I miss the days when you could have a President maybe you didn't want and still respect them. The media has destroyed that. It's all about "us and them" these days.

    Oh and I found that out (the birthday thing) doing my political research (because although I am mostly apolitical, I believe in voting, so I have to research when the time comes) and it just about knocked me out. Sigh, not someone I'd really like to share a birthday with. The oddest part is he has my birthday and my husband's year. It's like we're both being teased. LOL!

  4. This election just wore me out! I'm with you, I don't think we had much choice. I always try to vote for the person who has the most Godly principles.