Monday, October 20, 2008

Salient and Nashville Predators

Saturday night Bobbys band Salient had the opportunity to play at the Nashville Predators game. They were pretty excited about it and so were we. The band only got so many tickets so we called out friend Ron and asked it he would be able to get any. He was able to and they were awesome seats! Thanks Ron!! :)
We were only a couple of sections away from the band so Bobby was able to get back and forth easily from the stage to our seats.
They got to play in between periods for a few minutes. They had to do a couple of things on the fly as the time limits were a little funny. That was ok though. They are used to having to change things up at the last second. Comes with being in a band I suppose.

The kids were super excited about the game and did really well. Munchkin cheered and cheered and cheered and then asked me why everyone said "Suck!" I had to explain to her that hockey fans are apparently not the most polite people on the planet and they were kind of being bad sports toward the other team. So for most of the 1st period I heard in my right ear "Let's go Predators, Let's Go!" A kid in front of us cheered with her for a little bit and another guy went hoohoo a few times with her. Everyone smiled though and didn't seem annoyed.

Highlights: 2 fights by TooToo, 6 goals and free frostys from Wendys because the Preds got 5 goals! :)
Little Man fell asleep after the 2nd period and the band got booed.....Ok, the band didn't get booed but it seemed like they did. Right at the end of their last song the video on the megatron cut to a bunch of kinds in Rangers jerseys. That is where the booing came it but it just happened to be at the same time the band finished. How many times in your life can you say you got booed by 10,000 people?

Mister Mark got the kids a bag of cotton candy at the end of the game. They each ate a little bit and then bounced off the walls until we got home. Silly kids! We ended up at the late service on Sunday dues to getting up REALLY late!

I love going to see the Preds play but it was especially fun since we got to see Bobby and the band play!

Oh yeah, also took a walk around downtown before the game with Jeremy and Dana and her family. We checked out the Ghost Ballet on the Riverfront.

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Montee said...

That's pretty cool that your husband's band got to do this! I like going to the Preds games. Sometimes the fans can get carried away. I remember leaving there deaf in my right ear after the lady behind me screamed all night. I thought I was attending a WWE match.

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