Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reading Transition

It is amazing to me how fast a transition can come on. When Munchkin was reading the Magic Treehouse books (she has about 4 left in the series) she would read them out loud. She would bring them with her everywhere and there was a constant stream of Munchkin from the backseat. It wasn't annoying like asking every ten seconds when we will be there is. It wasn't being mean to Little Man. It was nice to hear her sounding out new words and really hearing the flow of her reading.
She brought a book in the car the other day that is a little bit higher level. I think it is a 4th grade book. The library has a sticker system that says what kind of books you can check out and I think I remember seeing blue as 4th grade. Anyway. I realized she was silent. There was no sound. I looked back and she was into the book. I think it is quite a bit more difficult than the Magic Treehouse books. But, she is reading to herself! It happened so fast it took me by surprise. I had gotten used to hearing that sweet voice reading and reading and reading. Now I have to ask how the book is.

I did read the book she is reading first to make sure it was OK. She is having a little trouble with some words but shows them to me and we sound them out together. One was Vietnam.
It makes me a little sad that she is transitioning in her reading so fast. But, I am so proud of her at the same time. It makes me treasure the moments she still lets me read to her even more.

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