Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Politics with a 6 year old

On our way home from school today Munchkin recited her po-em that she has to recite next week in front of her class. It is about voting and has the word candidate in it. This is our following conversation:

Mommy: Do you know what a candidate is?
Munchkin: Someone you vote for.
Mommy: Did you know there is an election next week?
Munchkin: Yep
Mommy: What are we voting for in the next election?
Munchkin: The President of the United States!
Mommy: Do you know who the candidates are?
Munchkin: McCain and Obama.
Mommy: Who do you think we should vote for?
Munchkin: McCain.
Mommy: Why do you think that?
Munchkin: It just sounds better in my mouth.

We have not talked politics too much in front of the kiddos so it surprised me when she said McCain. But, it made me laugh when she gave her reason. Typical 6 year old thinking? Or the wisdom of a child?


  1. It sounds a whole lot better in my mouth too!

  2. Amen Bethany!! Amen!!

  3. LOL! I agree with Munchkin! Here's hoping from her lips to God's ears! :D