Sunday, October 26, 2008


Friday night LifeChurch hosted LifeStock at a local high school. Our Lifegroup all decided to go as a group that night. The worship band from our campus played all kinds of songs that everyone could sing along with. It was a really fin night full of music, friends and fun!

The band is full of amazing musicians.

All of our kids seemed like they were going to do really well at the concert. They sat in rapt attention at the beginning of the show.

It didn't take very long though for them to figure out what a great slide the sloped floor made. They spent almost the entire concert sliding under the chairs. Little Man watched until the very end and finally took two turns! Silly boy!

I am terrible at taking photos the dark. But Miriam is not. You can check out her blog here. Sorry if I messed up your shot Miriam!
After the show I managed to grab a quick shot of our campus pastor Ken Behr, fellow guitar player Cian and Bobby. They were just hanging out talking so I am sure they were thrilled to be photographed. I did warn them that I would post them on my blog though.
Lindsey and I have decided an arranged marriage may be in the works. I know, I know! We obviously don't want our kids to start thinking about that at this point but the mamas can right? We know they are both growing up in solid Christian homes! Aren't they cute?

This was just one shot of Little Man I got cuddling with daddy. He was having fun but this little expression says he was starting to get a little overwhelmed by the noise and activity.
More of the sweet kids.

Last but not least Angela, Lindsey and I grabbed a quick pic together. Aren't we cute? :)
This was a fun night and we are already looking forward to the next one!


Tracy Bro said...

How fun! Did you know Angela and John are my neighbors?

Karen said...

I did! She told me when we were talking about MOPS one day.

Cian said...

'Twas a fun time! I'm glad you guys came out. I hope Bobby gets plugged in at LifeChurch.TV as part of the worship band...if he gets some time.

BTW, I yanked the photo of us for my Facebook. I hope it's not a problem. Just let me know if it is.


Karen said...

Not a problem!:) Glad you found the blog!

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