Thursday, October 02, 2008

Leipers Fork

A few days ago Bobby mentioned that there was an RC Fly-in at a farm in Leipers Fork. I have always wanted to go down there and explore the town as we have a friend that used to live there. I knew it was tiny so I shouldn't have been surprised when it was really one block of shops. Out first stop was the potty since it took about 45 minutes to get there. There was a sigh that Outhouse-Outback. They weren't kidding. There were 2 port-a-potties with a string of cactus lights in them.

Second stop was Sweets a little candy store. During the Capture Music City contest I had seen a few pictures of the store and wanted to check it out. We let the kids pick a few pieces of candy and we were on our way.

Bobby wanted to get over to the fly in. Unfortunately most of the action had taken place the day before and we got there when everyone was packing up. He still got to fly his plane he just completed though. While he drove over to the field the kids and I checked out an art gallery, an antiques store and a gazebo. We walked past Puckett's Grocery and The Country Boy restaurant. Then we walked over to the field to hang out with Bobby.

Bobby was busy flying his plane when we got there. The wind was blowing pretty hard though so he didn't fly too much longer.

So, now we have experienced Leipers Fork. It is definitely tiny but I think would be even better if you are looking for antiques. We had a great time checking out an historic area less than an hour away from us.


  1. Love the pictures, Karen. Wish we were there.
    Love ya,

  2. Great post! I love all of the pics and especially the little sweets store!! The sky was so blue the day you were there, looks like you guys had a great time!!

  3. The pictures of your children in the field look as though they are on the set of Little House On The Prairie, with the exception of the plane flying through the air. You gotta love a town that has both The General Lee and Andy Taylor's squad car.

  4. For almost four years now I've wanted to go to Leipers Fork and we've yet to make it. Though, tomorrow we're making our first trip --- a Willie Nelson concert! on some farm. fundraiser thing or something.