Thursday, October 23, 2008

Conversations of Faith

The last few days Bobby and I have both been talking to Munchkin about faith and accepting Christ. She has had tons of questions about faith, and baptism and angels. So, it has been challenging and wonderful all at the same time. More than anything else in this life I want our children to know Christ and to want to walk in His ways. But, I also want it to be their faith and not just because they were born into a Christian family. I don't want their faith to be regulated by just being in church Sunday morning or for it to be because the south is a church culture.

I hope and pray that our kiddos see us living our faith every day and in everything we do. I pray that they will be solid strong Christians that want to change the world for Christ. I want them to have compassion and empathy for others.

The other day my heart leapt for joy when Munchkin said "I have chosen! I love God!" I know she does. She loves to be at church, she loves musical worship, she loves the Bible verses she is learning and she love Konnect. Prayers are a little difficult but some of the things she comes up with give a glimpse into what a prayer warrior she could be someday. She often prays for those who are struggling that they wouldn't have to struggle anymore.

I know her little heart is pure but is it my own insecurity that I want her to say the magic words/the sinners prayer? I pray that Bobby and I are the ones that get to lead her and Little Man to Christ. I pray that he and I will both get to be there when they make that decision.

Munchkin is asking all kinds of questions about baptism. She wants to know how old the kids were at church that got bap-ti-tized. I said probably 7,8, or 9. She insisted that some of them were probably 6! Maybe. I told her that her daddy and I were both 10 when we were baptized. I also explained that it is a symbol to show others that you have asked Jesus into your heart. She seems to get it. I don't want to push her. I know Bobby doesn't either. So, I guess we pray, we wait and let each of our kids keep exploring until they are ready to make their decisions. Until then the lines of communication will stay open and I pray we will have many more conversations of Faith.


  1. Oh Karen. I'll be praying too. Sweet, sweet post. I can't wait to read more about this!!

  2. I am so happy that my grandchildren are being raised by Christian parents that love God and want these little ones to know and love him too.

  3. You are a precious Mom. You have many joys and blessings ahead.