Friday, October 17, 2008

Capture Music City books are in

And I have mixed feeling about it. I am a little bummed that I ordered it early. It is a nice book with great pictures in it. But....I don't have any pictures in it. My one picture of Bobby and Little Man playing guitar on the swing is on the DVD but that is my only picture that made it. My name and blog address are in the index but it is still not one of my pictures in the book. I ran down to pick it up at Davis Kidd tonight while Bobby went to a birthday party with the kiddos. I despise Green Hills. There is a lot of money there but there is also a ton of traffic there. We drove down there every week when Little Man was in therapy and I was so glad we went at ten in the morning when there was little traffic. Friday night at the Green Hills mall is a horrible horrible time! I was already late due to traffic when I had to drive around the entire parking lot for 10 minutes looking for a parking spot. Did I mention Davis Kidd is right next door to the Cheesecake Factory and is in the same parking lot as the movie theater?

Once I got through the door I couldn't find the books. I made my way downstairs and discovered the other 218 photographers sharing stories about how wonderful it was that their photos were in the book. I missed the part where they highlighted the award winners. I was told later that every one of them are long time professional photographers. After flipping through the book really quickly to see if any of my photos were in there I sat down to get a better look. Another photographer was in the room with me and was livid. I could see it on her face. When I left she was talking to the people from the Tennessean and informing them that it was a political process and that it wasn't right that you had to buy the book without finding out if your pictures were in it ahead of time. I think something that might have helped would have been having a DVD player set up with the other photos displayed. Maybe that would have helped....or maybe not.

I did meet a couple of really nice people and the book is very nice. But, I am just disappointed that my photos didn't make the cut for the book. Of course, I am not alone....

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  1. Karen,
    I LOVE your photos- its one of the main reasons I like reading your blog- you take awesome photographs. I'm sorry that your were not included in the book- a misjudgment on the books editors part in my opinion. I hope you don't let this discourage you in the future. You have a definite talent girl!!