Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am in LOVE!!!!!

With whom you ask? Well, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and Sir James Galway of course!!! It has been far too long since I have been to the symphony. To actually hear dynamics and amazing acoustics blew me away.

For my birthday (since we septemberites try to stretch it all month long) I really wanted to go see James Galway at the Schermerhorn. Bobby let me pick the tickets and they were awesome! We were in row JJ in the middle. I have listened to James Galway since I was a baby. So imagine how cool it was that I could see James Galway's cuff links. I could see the spit drip out of the end of his flute (gross I know but kinda cool at the same time). I could see him breathe! There is a reason this man is the most recorded flute player in the world. His playing is lyrical and emotional and technically perfect! Bobby and I wondered what other symphony players think of him. I guess we are comparing how indie rockers get all offended when their favorite artists "sell out" or actually get played on the air. Is it different with the symphony?

Typically I do not get starstruck. Hubs is a rock star ya know so I have met a few "famous" people. Tonight I was totally starstruck! I am not one to stand in autograph lines but tonight was different. I ran in the gift shop and bought a CD while Bobby held my place in line. When we finally reached the front Sir James asked if I played flute to which I replied (with a silly grin on my face) "oh yes! I have been playing for 15 years! That's a long time..but not as long as you!" What a dork! Bobby took our picture and the darn flash wouldn't work. I think he got a little frustrated with us. The lady behind us understood though. She had a piece of flute music for him to sign. By the time we were done my hands were shaking and I was grinning like a fool!
I actually had to sit down at a table in the courtyard to compose myself before walking back to the car.

Back to the Schermerhorn. Being able to hear all of the different instruments playing together was inspiring. I really miss playing with a group like that. Being there tonight made me really want to practice and somehow get involved with some kind of performing group again. Those of you in the Nashville area have probably seen the silly ads with the new conductor Giancarlo Guerrero. They make him seem really fun and make the symphony seem accessible. Tonight his personalty really was evident in his conducting. There were several moments when he launched himself in the air and his rapport with James Galway was amazing. They laughed together, made eye contact and really were in harmony!

If you get a chance go to the Schermerhorn! You will not regret it! Oh yeah and you should also start your night off as a redneck eating at the Wild Horse Saloon and then move down the street to your refined symphony experience. Make sure to finish the night off at Mikes Ice Cream on Broadway. You will have a spectacular night!


  1. OMG! How weird that you posted this. I went to the Symphony site earlier and I was bummed because I didn't know he was coming to town. :) How cool is that? I can't wait to go to the Symphony. My sister in law is taking my 8 year old to see Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile in October because she's taken an interest in double bass. :)

    Ooh, I want to go to that ice cream shop. :)

    BTW, we August folks like to stretch out our birthdays as well. I went to see Squeeze on Sept 3 for my birthday which was August 4. LOL!

  2. Oh Karen, I would love to see you playing with a symphony again. You have an amazing God given talent and you should use it more often. I would fly to Nashville to see you.
    Love ya,
    Ps I'm jealous that I didn't get to meet Sir James. He's been one of my heros, too.

  3. Love it. I haven't been yet but am really looking forward to it. I believe Durk got to for something and he was in awe. It's my turn! I didn't realize you played the flute. I used to play the clarinet and alto clarinet (high school). I truly enjoyed it. I also LOVED the Giancarlo promo (gosh I wish my kids could have been in it, ha ha). Thanks for sharing.


  4. I'm impressed...I haven't touched my flute since I left APU! But I do like the symphony. Sound like you had fun.