Friday, September 19, 2008

Fill er up!

As you may or may not be aware, there is a gas shortage in Tennessee. I have not been terribly worried about it until today. I am almost out of gas in my economical, 30 MPG sedan. There are few gas stations that have gas and if they do they look like this:
The rest have signs like this:

These would be the two stations near our house. No gas.... At least it is the weekend. Maybe we will get more before Monday. Otherwise Munchkin, Little Man and I may be using our Lambrefeeties to get to school. That is a really long walk for my little ones though. Our gas hog SUV has a full tank so Bobby may be running Munchkin to school on Monday.
It is amazing how much we really do rely on fuel. You really don't realize it, and take it for granted until there is none.


  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I don't understand why we're having this huge problem. My mom said the news said Knoxville and Chattanooga all had plenty. My grandma in Kansas City said gas is $3.45 there. What's up with Nashvegas?

  2. I know! My mom actually said gas is around $3.50 in California. That is a first. For their gas to be cheaper than ours. Hopefully people will not be idiots about it and let it even out.

  3. Well believe me I am not rubbing it in, but gas here is 3.30, but we were hit by the hurricane and still several people are without power so they wouldn't raise the prices for us. Matt said his parents said everyone freaked out last weekend talking about shortages when in reality it was fine, so everybody went and filled all of their cars up. But we heard on the news that they are working on getting the oil pipe lines up and going, but said it could be another week before everyone is ok on the shortages. But hey , next week is national stay at home week, with TV premier week for alot of shows!! Hang in there girls, it's crazy here too!!

  4. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Hey Karen.. the bread box in Hendersonville on Walton Ferry has gas.. the gas truck was there this morning when I drove by.. ofcourse the line of cars is already long.. but they have gas!


  5. It's disgusting, isn't it? My friend in Knoxville said they have gas--$3.35! We live nearby the zoo, no gas, no gas, Thursday we went to Kroger to get my medicine and it was 4.19--but no lines. The next day it was 3.99 and lines all over Nolensville Rd--and if I had waited a day to get my meds, we couldn't even get in. Later today, Kroger was down to diesel only. SIL lives in the Bourdeaux (sp?) area and no gas. She's so low, we were lucky and had half a tank, so Patrick went over because she's an on call nurse and she doesn't have enough gas to get to work at Vandy. I remember this sort of stuff in NY when I was like 7-8 in the mid-late 70's--but we were in NYC, we had options. This is insane. I told Patrick after everything gets back to normal, we're getting a gas can for emergencies.

  6. Anonymous7:57 PM

    We have 5 gas cans in the shed but Mike says they are all empty... OH WELL! This gas nightmare is NUTS! At least we can enjoy the family time! :) GO SNUGGLE! Thats my solution.

  7. 1970's revisited. Don't you just want to look at government officials and say, "Here's your sign."