Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another World

If you have expected to hear from me in the last few days, I'm sorry! I have been lost in another world. One full of vampires and werewolves. I have seen the books with the black and white covers with a splash of red every time we have stepped foot in Barnes and Noble. I know Paula has mentioned them. I ignored them. I was engrossed in Stori Telling and Eat This Not That for Kids while the littles played at the train table. But now I am hooked.

Munchkin has dance class on Mondays. Lucky for me it is close by a walmart that has a somewhat decent book section. Monday Little Man and I walked to Wallyworld to pick up an eraser and a box of crayons and to check out the book section. He kept busy with the kids books while I started the book Twilight. All of a sudden he needed to "go baf-woom wiwwee baaadd" so we ran through a checkout and ran to the potty. Since the book was conveniently priced I bought it and took it back to the dance school to read. One of the other moms asked what I was reading and we had a little discussion about it. Apparently moms are raving due to there not being any s-e-x in the books. It is all romance.

Monday night was spent engrossed in book number one. I had almost finished it Tuesday and had to run back to Walmart to get New Moon (book 2). I finished that one last night and got about 85 pages into Eclipse (book 3) while sitting at Barnes and Noble. Little Man and I were once again waiting for Munchkin. He played with the trains while I read.

I am not sure why I like these books so much. They are not scary, they are really a love story about star-crossed lovers. Obviously they are geared for teens, hence the really fast read. But still, I like them. Now to get my hands on my own copy of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn would be good. Of course we are out of money so I guess I will have to wait until payday to find out what happens next.

If you don't hear from me, you'll know. I have been kidnapped by vampires and werewolves but I will be back soon!


  1. I've wondered about these books. I believe the author is Mormon. That kind of amazed me because of the subject matter but maybe that's why there is no s-e-x in the stories. Let us know how you liked it. I can tell you already do. I am reading Water For Elephants. Good book except there is s-e-x stuff in it that is a little too detailed for me. Good story and written well, though.

  2. I am obsessed.... :) I read up to chapter 10 sitting at Barnes and Noble this morning.

  3. These are the greatest books I got one the night before vacation read the whole thing that night. Got the next one the next morning read the whole thing on the drive to FL. Got the next one when we got there read most of it, we were on vacation. Finished it on the way back. Got the last one the day it came out read it all that night. LOVE THESE BOOKS...The are probably my favorite books ever.