Monday, September 22, 2008

Annoyed-All the way around

My day started off pretty good. Actually, it is still pretty good but I am having a hard time getting my mind off of a few things. So, maybe if I write them down and get them out there I will be less annoyed by them.

1. (Disclaimer: My home school friends, I love you. Don't take this personally but any feedback would be great. I think homeschooling is great for those that are doing it.) I am reading a book called "The Spiritual Power of a Mother" by Michael Farris. He is or was head of the Home School Defense League and the Chancellor of Patrick Henry College. The book is supposed to be a book of encouragement for those moms already homeschooling their kids. It is not a book to get one to homeschool. And, I think it misses the mark in certain respects. As a mom who has a daughter that is thriving in public school reading it makes me annoyed. I guess part of it in the first chapter he talks about Samuel's mother and Moses mother. Hannah prayed for a son and finally had Samuel and then gave him back to the Lord. So, wasn't he taught by the finest teachers...not his mom? Then Moses was sent down the river in a basket. His mother was able to be with him as his wet nurse but once again wasn't he taught by the finest teachers in Egypt? It was just interesting to me that the examples he gave were those of people taught by others.

Then another chapter talks about the blood line of Jesus and the 4 women that show up. He puts it as 2 prostitutes, a foreigner, and an adulteress were redeemed and used why can't you with your past. The part that annoyed me was that after saying the blame with David and Bathsheba is to be laid at the feet of David he comes back around says Bathsheba was a willing participant in the adultery. Now, forgive me if I am mistaken but weren't women property and if the king called you went? His words were Bathsheba was not molested. She appears to have willingly committed adultery with the king. Accordingly, we have to say that she also sinned. I think he is stretching here to make his point.

I know, I is a book of encouragement for those homeschooling their children. It is just annoying me today.

2. Feedback on our house. Today we got feedback from our showing yesterday. Apparently the outside and inside of the house is POOR, it smells bad and the bathroom "What is THAT?" Seriously? That is your feedback? how about something constructive like "The bathroom is not my taste and I hate the smell of fresh baked cookies out of the oven!"

3. Trying to get ahold of someone that knows something about a position at a school. Erg. No one actually knows anything about a part time position listed on the schools website.

4. Gas shortage. Seriously people stop filling up 5 gas cans so those people that actually need gas to get kids back and forth to school and back and forth to work can actually do that. I did get gas this morning at the one station near our house that has some. There were only a few cars ahead of me so I didn't have to wait long. Of course it is the station that the shop guy a few weeks ago said not to go to because there is so much water in the gas.

5. I am annoyed with myself for being so annoyed. Ha! I just laughed in my head because I just hear the Pink song lyric "It's bad when you annoy yourself!" :)

Ok, I think I am done. I am off to the Dr. to take Little Man again.


  1. So I must say I am thrilled I did not call you that day. I hate those kind of days. So not fun, but I hope writting it down made you feel better. Hope this week is way better!!!!!

  2. Wow, I never read that book, but although we are Catholic and attend Mass, we don't homeschool for religious reasons and I get annoyed at anyone (book, person, TV show, whatever) who tries to make a point that their way is the best way. If my kids ever want to go to school, they will be given that choice. Besides, even kids who go to school (public, private or what have you) benefit from mother teacher and other teacher. Hmmmm, although it's late and I'm only reading an excerpt, but something about that book is rubbing me the wrong way.

    Sorry about the house "feedback" I mean if I had nothing constructive to say, I'd have kept my mouth shut.

    What kind of position are you looking for--any school? I'll keep my eyes and ears open--are you looking to be close to home, or just in the metropolitan area?

    We are so done with the gas thing as well. We found some Sunday--unfortunately Patrick forgot the bank card, so all the money I had--$13.50 at the time--went into the car. And he found some today by his job. But each time we paid $4.25! It's getting old--no gas, and if you find it, it's just outrageous. I hope they're right about the end of the week.

    LOL! ((HUGS))

  3. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Im annoyed too..Life..people...opinios are ALWAYS annoying! Sometimes I annoy myself Oh well! I'm over it now! Now I will encourage you! Karen..You Rock! You have such an amazing heart....DONT let people take that away from deserve to have an amazing life! Luv YA! I struggle all the time as well...Dont we all!

  4. Thanks ladies for the feedback! It was just one of those days where little things annoyed me. Writing out did help! :)