Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things that have annoyed me today

1. While walking our dog I cleaned up her poop at the park because I am a responsible pet owner. The thing that annoyed me? Coming home and finding fresh poop in my yard that didn't belong to my dog.

2. I made lemon bars last night. They were sitting on the counter this morning and the dog licked them. Why am I annoyed by that? It was a treat for the humans! Not the dog.

3. Paying bills always annoys me.

4. Calling the school district to find out about IEP testing and the call not going through.

5. Calling the school district (calling because the link on the website is broken) to find out about substitute teaching and being told by a computer that my call was not going to be answered and to call back later.

6. Our house still being on the market.

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